Summer picnic. See how to decorate it in style!
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Summer picnic. See how to decorate it in style!

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The holiday season is the perfect time to realize your dreams of a summer picnic in a natural setting. Singing birds, the shine of sun rays and the scent of flowers will surely make your meal more enjoyable. How to organize a picnic and what is the best place for it?

A meeting with friends is a good moment to take a break from work and relax surrounded by nature. Garden party is a meeting that will bring you closer and will strengthen your relations. However, for the evening to be successful, you need the right mood, which you can easily achieve with a little effort. Table decoration and atmospheric music are elements without which a successful meeting cannot do without!

The right entourage

When the temperature outside gets high, think about creating shade by installing an umbrella with a wide brim. This will work well for a meeting during the day. If you are planning to invite a larger group of friends, the best solution will be to set up a tent in the garden or allotment. In addition to protecting you from the sunburn, it will guarantee a good time, even in the rain

Owners of shelters and gazebos have a ready answer to where to prepare the party. Everything depends on the nature of the meeting and the number of people. Take into account that hosting parents with children it is worth that you provide a hygienic place to change the baby or the ability to move a stroller.

For families with children, folding tables that are easy to transport are ideal. If you plan a larger party, prepare a tablecloth in the colors of nature, decorated with flowers or green leaves

At a picnic, we advise against serving food in china tableware. Dishes at such events often get damaged or broken. The best choice would be to use paper trays and wooden cutlery. Try not to buy plastic, disposable forks, knives or plates as you will contribute to environmental pollution. We produce a huge amount of plastic anyway, so if you can minimize its use, do it!

Stylish accessories

Live flowers in vases placed on the table are a great decoration. If you have the option, decorate the space around the table with potted flowers, which will certainly liven up the whole setting and add a fresh touch. Consider placing a speaker and play your favorite music. If you are surrounded by the sounds of nature – for example, birdsong, this will do just fine. In addition, take care to spread out comfortable cushions, which will give a cozy atmosphere.

Play with light

A beautiful decoration for trees in your garden will be bright lights placed between the branches. You can buy them for just a dozen or so zlotys and they will create an amazing atmosphere. Don’t use flashing applications and colorful trinkets to avoid a tacky look. Invest in lanterns that will light the paths around the gazebo at dusk. Your table can be decorated with candles or fireplaces, to which you can add your favorite scent.

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