Undemanding plants that will perfectly complement any interior!
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Undemanding plants that will perfectly complement any interior!

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Do you have little time? Do you want to just start your adventure with plants? Or maybe you’re just looking for ones that always look beautiful and easily survive even in difficult conditions – including when you forget to water them? Here are some hits! Check out the list below and choose plants for your home!


It has thick, dark green leaves and is perfectly adaptable to any conditions in which it will grow. It likes bright places and not too frequent watering – zamiokulkas stores water, so if you water it too much, it will rot. It is also hardy enough that nothing will happen to it if you dry it out.

Monstera deliciosa

Next up, of course, is the monstera, which is an extremely showy and fashionable potted plant whose motif is readily used on wallpaper, textiles and dishes. Attention is drawn to its huge leaves with deep cutouts. Monstera only needs to be watered once a week in the summer months and twice a week in the winter months. It will not be a problem if you forget to do so. In its case, too, it is better to dry it out than to overwater it.


You can buy a dragon tree in virtually any major market. It presents itself very impressively and adapts perfectly to various conditions. It does not like only direct exposure to the sun. Water the dracaena at most once a week.

Guatemalan yucca

Since there was a dracaena, Guatemalan yucca can not be missing either. You can easily get it too in many stores. It has a modern look and resembles an exotic palm tree. Put it in a sunny place and water it twice a week, and less often in winter. You can also lightly dry it in the colder months.

Common aloe

Eagerly grown not only for its interesting appearance, but also for its medicinal properties. The pulp found in the leaves strongly moisturizes, acts as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, soothes irritations, burns and insect bite sites. You only need to water it on average once every two weeks.


It’s hard to imagine our list without cacti. They don’t need to be watered often, as they store water themselves, taking care of their hydration. Just water them when the soil is dry, but not too much either. Cacti come in all sorts of shapes. Some of them are very original.

Sternberg’s herbaceous plant

This is a versatile plant that will not only thrive anywhere, but will also act as a filter, cleansing the air of toxic substances. In summer, water it twice a week, in winter reduce it to once. On the other hand, be careful not to overwater it. 


Finally, we still have serpentine, mother-in-law’s tongues, sable, or simply sanseveria. It has very distinctive bicolored leaves, resembling sables or a writhing snake. This plant is also excellent at purifying the air. It survives even a month without water and ranks among some of the strongest and most persistent. It can handle both full sun and shade, and even cooler temperatures.

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