Beach waves without using heat – how to do?
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Beach waves without using heat – how to do?

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Beach waves, or beach waves, are the trendiest hairstyle of the season. How to do them without using heat?

Strong updos are no longer in vogue, especially in the summer season. Now gentle, natural-looking waves are king. Beach waves are a hit all over the world. Especially since it looks great on both blondes, brunettes, ladies who have opted for sombre, ombre or balayage. Unfortunately, too frequent use of curling irons, thermolocks or straighteners does not do much good to the condition and appearance of hair. They dry out, split, break and become more porous. Therefore, more and more ladies are looking for ways to make beautiful beach waves without using heat.

Braid – the best way to beach waves

The most popular and also the easiest way to beach waves is to make a braid on slightly damp hair. First apply a bit of styling mousse to your hair and braid it, but make sure not to tighten your hair. Then wait until the hair is dry, unbraid the braid and comb through the hair with your fingers. The whole thing can be sprayed with a little fixative at the end.

Hair rollers are back in favor

Until quite recently it seemed that hair rollers were a relic of the past. And it turns out that they are gaining popularity again. It’s the perfect way to lift your hair at the roots and make waves. All you have to do is choose the right size rollers to enjoy the twist of your dreams. It’s a good idea to apply a little mousse to your hair before applying them. After a few hours, you will gain perfect beach waves that are sure to last for hours.

Sea salt improves hair curl

Ladies whose hair is prone to a slight curl don’t have to go to too much trouble. To make beach waves, all they need to do is reach for the right hair styling products. A sea salt mist will work in this case. It is worth knowing that salt strengthens the curl.

Chignon for ladies who dream of big waves

To make large waves, a chignon will work well. It is necessary to wash the hair, slightly dry it, apply mousse and wrap a large bun on the top of the head. The wrapped hair should be slightly twisted around its axis. The whole thing is tied with a soft rubber band. We wait a few hours for the strands to dry and dissolve. Comb through with a fine-toothed comb or fingers and you’re done. If you want smaller waves and a finer twist, just make a few smaller buns.

Headband also for making curls

Beach waves can also be made using an elastic band. It is necessary to apply foam, put the band at the very forehead. Wider strands are twisted around the band at the nape of the neck, with thinner strands on the sides. Each should also be twisted around its own axis. Keep the hair tied in this way for several hours. The whole thing should be fixed later with a fixative or hairspray. 

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