The autumn blues – get over it with these ways!
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The autumn blues – get over it with these ways!

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Dense fogs, gray clouds, and darkness that falls moments after we get home from work. Late autumn is by far our least favorite time of year. Most of us fall into a reverie and catch the autumn blues. How to deal with it?

What exactly is the autumn blues?

The despondency is simply a state of depression accompanied by such symptoms as a significant drop in energy, and, consequently, unwillingness to perform any activities and a generally bad mood. On the one hand we have no wonder, because after summer days filled with sunshine, suddenly the temperature begins to drop, days are getting shorter and our mood significantly worsens. However, it is worth to remain vigilant! Because when our apathy does not pass, it is a signal that the despondency may turn into depression, and this is already a very serious disease. So know the ways to fight the autumn blues in the bud!

Adequate amount of sleep – medicine and energy boost

Do not forget that an adequate amount of sleep is a guarantee of good mood throughout the day. And a good night’s sleep is the basis for efficient functioning during the day. Not getting enough sleep leads to irritability, lack of concentration and generally poor condition. That’s why getting enough sleep is the basis, which can not only defeat the blues, but also prevent it. When we catch apathy, it is worth to drink a mug of lemon balm or other herbal tea and go to bed earlier than usual to soothe your troubled nerves.

Movement is good for your health and well-being

Physical activity is also a proven way to beat the autumn blues. Doing sport produces endorphins called happiness hormones. Are you in a bad mood? Jump into a tracksuit and go for a long walk, jog or cycle. Movement in the fresh air refreshes and puts a smile on your face, it also allows you to look at many things differently.

Remember that the amount of endorphins produced by our body depends on the intensity, duration, but also the type of exercise. Endorphins secreted during sport have also additional properties, they work as natural medicines: anti-anxiety and analgesic

Balanced and healthy diet

Some people have a tendency to “eat” their sorrows. Have a bad day and buy sweets to improve your mood? There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is not something you do repeatedly. Once in a while an ice cream or a good cake is even advisable to improve your mood and “recharge”. Still, healthy food is definitely more our ally in the fight against the blues. Regular meals, lots of fruits and vegetables, and less processed and ready-made fast food is a recipe for better mood and health.

Relaxing and enjoy your favorite music in good company

Music helps relieve tension and the accompanying stress. When you feel like things aren’t going your way, take a moment, sit back in your chair and put on a CD by your favorite artist or band – it really works! Listening to music alone helps, calms you down, soothes your senses, but listening to music with friends only increases the guarantee of a good mood. Meeting people who are kind to us, offer good advice and can make us laugh in any situation is also a good cure for sadness and autumn blues!

Relaxing bath in a home spa

A bathtub full of water, aromatic essential oils for bathing and your favorite music mentioned earlier – this is the way to relax. The gentle scent of essential oils will calm you down, soothe and relax you. We can also use a bath pillow and reach for our favorite book, if we prefer this option more than music. It is worth using a relaxing massager, as it stimulates circulation and allows you to relax. A bath in warm water should last at least 30 minutes

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