Tattoos perfect for women – learn about the unique symbolism!
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Tattoos perfect for women – learn about the unique symbolism!

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Tattoos are becoming more common every year among people of all ages. While tattoos were once not accepted by society, they are now admired art pieces on our bodies. Many of the tattoos that women get are very meaningful to them. Many of them symbolize important events, remind them of beautiful moments, or give them courage during difficult times. Sometimes a new tattoo can be a form of therapy, oblivion and a new beginning

Women are more and more willing to decorate their bodies with original and unique tattoos. Tattoo artists are becoming true artists who can use a needle to create real masterpieces on the body. Many tattoos are subtle, made with delicate lines. What designs and motifs are most often chosen by them? Do women prefer small, minimalistic tattoos or maybe the opposite?

When to get your first tattoo?

There is no ideal age to get your first tattoo. Any age is good to start your adventure with this form of body decoration. Many people get their first tattoo on their 18th birthday as a way to mark their entrance into adulthood. However as tattooists emphasize, there is no shortage of men and women who come to their first “tattoo” at a mature age. Tattoo is no longer stigmatizing, but became an interesting way to express your personality, views and likes. Tattoo looks attractive not only on a young and fit body, it is also a beautiful decoration on people of different age and experience. However, the most common customers of tattoo parlors are people between 25 and 45 years old

Tattooing as a remedy and a mode of therapy

Tattoo artists know that many people come to their studio to get a tattoo to help them cope with a difficult moment in their lives or to start a new chapter. While getting a tattoo, body adornment specialists hear amazing stories that become the motivation for covering a scrap of flesh with ink. A big factor is that a tattoo is usually done to her forever, so it is usually a thoughtful and conscious step. This allows you to immortalize on your body an important event, dates, people who are important to you, or even your beloved pets. Women often tattoo designs to remind them of their strength and incredible courage

What motifs do women most often choose?

Women often get tattoos of themes related to freedom, hope, and power and courage. These designs often include swallows, butterflies, wings, feathers and arrows pointing upwards. Despite the fact that motifs and tattoo designs are repeated, each tattoo artist has his own individual style, so the end result is always unique and original. For women, often more important than the image itself, which they choose, is its meaning. This way, whenever a woman looks at it, she can remind herself of her strength, of the better future that awaits her and of how much she has experienced in life. The very decision to get a tattoo is often an act of courage to show a woman that she can draw strength from within herself and that she should be a hero for herself

What is the best place on the body for a tattoo?

Most often we decide to get a tattoo on the arm or forearm. It is a good place because the tattoo can be beautifully displayed especially in summer days. And when we need to cover the tattooed area of the body, just put on a long sleeve shirt. Other popular places where both men and women get their tattoos are back, thighs, wrists and ribs. It is a good idea when choosing a tattoo design and location to listen to the tattoo artist’s suggestions as to which area of the body a particular tattoo will look most beneficial.

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