Time to relax – do you know what floating is?
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Time to relax – do you know what floating is?

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Are you suffering from stress and fatigue? Have you tried almost everything and nothing brings you relief? Maybe you should try floating, which is becoming more and more fashionable form of relaxation. What does it consist in? We hurry with a hint!

Floating – what is it and what is this form of relaxation?

In Polish “floating” means: floating. It is a form of sensory isolation, or restriction of external stimuli. So what exactly is it about? A person who takes part in a floating session lies down on the water and remains on its surface all the time. He or she doesn’t hear or see anything and doesn’t feel the action of gravity, which has a beneficial effect on the body and allows for effective relaxation and regeneration

During such a floating session, the stimuli coming to a person can be reduced by up to 90%! How is it possible? It is all thanks to the construction of the floating chamber (also called a deprivation chamber or a floating pool). Such a chamber consists of a light and sound-proof tank filled with water combined with a magnesium solution, which makes the water highly saline and highly buoyant. As a result, a person who enters the floating chamber is not only cut off from the aforementioned sounds and light, but also floats effortlessly on water, which has the same temperature as the top layer of his or her skin.

Floating capsule – cosmic shape and cosmic relaxation

A floating capsule, interchangeably called a drain or a sensory capsule, is nothing else than a modern device of a literally cosmic shape, filled with a solution of water and bitter epsom salt (it is a salt of sulfuric acid and magnesium, i.e. magnesium sulfate), in which a state of deep relaxation can be achieved. During a floating session, a person floats on water. The temperature is just perfect, it is neither too hot nor too cold. The capsule is soundproof and you don’t feel the force of gravity, which makes you feel like you are in a state of weightlessness. What is more, the brain rests and the person who decided to have such a session, feels deep relaxation, not only physical but also mental.

Rest of the mind and mass of endorphins

Probably more than once after a hard and stressful day at work, when you get home, you decide to take a warm bath. No wonder, because being in water at a temperature similar to that of our outer skin layer, in addition, in a quiet place, causes relaxation of the muscles and the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, called hormones of happiness also reduces stress hormones in the body, namely cortisol. That is why floating is becoming more and more popular. A person who uses this form of relaxation may not be able to concentrate his or her thoughts at first, but with time his or her ability to focus on a particular task improves. This is due to the synchronization of the brain hemispheres. It has also been shown that people who use floating sessions have fewer problems with sleep, and their sleepless nights turn into well-slept ones.

During a floating session, endorphins are released, which also decreases the pain we feel. When we float in a sensory capsule, we do not strain our muscles because we are not moving. The high concentration of salt purifies the body of toxins and also accelerates the healing of wounds. Floating also improves the condition of the joints, because they reduce swelling. This form of relaxation is especially recommended for people who regularly do sports, because it improves the faster regeneration of the body. Pregnant women can also benefit from floating sessions as they reduce back pain. Remember that the decision to sign up for a procedure should always be consulted with the doctor treating pregnancy.

Sessions in a floating capsule filled with water and dissolved salt also strengthen the human respiratory, immune and circulatory systems. Blood pressure is lowered and magnesium levels in the body are replenished. Bathing in such “brine” also significantly increases energy levels, giving you lots of strength.

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