7 rules for Hamptons style interior design
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7 rules for Hamptons style interior design

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You dream of an interior, in which you can feel the distinct seaside atmosphere from the very doorstep, and at the same time it will look elegant and tasteful. In this case, the ideal proposal for you is to arrange the interior in Hamptons style. How to do it? Check out our 7 rules to remember in order to achieve the desired effect in the interior.

Hamptons style

Hamptons style originates from a group of extremely popular seaside resorts located on the Long Island peninsula. It is a favorite vacation spot for wealthy New Yorkers. It is there that the style evolved into its current form. Until some time it was popular only in the USA, but recently the whole world has come to love it. The way in which interiors are arranged in this style can be perfectly observed in such films as Better Late Than Later or the series Grace and Frankie. Hamptons style is characterized by bright, spacious interiors, which use natural materials, such as wood, rattan or wicker, as well as marine motifs.

How to arrange Hamptons style interiors?

If you want to enjoy a spectacular interior arranged in the style of Hamptons, it is worth knowing the 7 principles that should be followed during its introduction to the premises

1. Large glazed windows

When thinking about Hamptons style, our eyes should see large residences with large glazing, providing a good amount of daylight. This is what gives this style its lightness and makes the rooms seem much bigger and more spacious than they really are

If your house does not have large glazing, you can achieve a similar effect by completely giving up roller blinds or curtains that obscure the windows. Thanks to that nothing will limit sun rays and the interior will become brighter

2. White on the walls

White, white and once again white, that is what will make the interior optically larger and will give the impression of “cleaner”. If you are afraid of this color, you should remember that white has different shades; from ivory to snowy white, to those in slightly grayish tones. Combine them together for a cohesive effect that still stays within the Hamptons style

3. Comfortable, inviting furniture

When decorating a Hamptons style interior and choosing furniture for it, remember that it originated in holiday resorts. Therefore, bet on spacious sofas in light shades, which even call out to be rested on them. Also, do not forget about coffee tables made of stylish glass or natural wood

4. Long curtains on windows

Large glazed windows characteristic of Hamptons style are not conducive to privacy especially after dark. That is why you should also remember about curtains. The best in this case are those, reaching down to the ground, made of soft and fleshy materials. With uniform texture in colors consistent with the whole arrangement, that is all kinds of shades of blue, earth colors and white

5. Color accent

White is the basic color of this style, but to give it some expression, it is also worth using accents in the form of elements in colors of the coast, namely all kinds of shades of navy blue, blue and turquoise . They can be blankets carelessly placed on the backrest of the sofa, pillows or vases with fresh flowers

6. Natural floor

Flooring in the Hamptons is best done in natural wood. However, if this is not possible, choose laminate or porcelain stoneware

7. Lighting

The arrangement of any interior cannot do without properly selected lighting. In the case of Hamptons style, all kinds of standing and table lamps, placed on the furniture, will be perfect, which will provide a cozy atmosphere after dark. When choosing the main lighting, it is best to bet on models with fabric lampshades in colors consistent with other colors present in the interior. Thanks to that the whole will look perfect!

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