How do you create a basque closet? These 5 items are essential!
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How do you create a basque closet? These 5 items are essential!

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Classic blouses, a white shirt, perfectly tailored pants, a blazer and bright sneakers – these items cannot be missing from your closet. With them you can create perfect outfits for every occasion.

Your closet is barely closing, but you never really have anything to wear? This is a problem that almost all of us face. There is an easy way to remedy this. Just introduce a few basic items into your closet that will be the basis of many outfits. Don’t keep clothes on the hangers that “might come in handy one day”, “I’ll wear when I lose weight”, “I have to buy a skirt that matches this blouse” and many other such things.

We suggest which items to bet on to avoid the daily rush and constant thinking about how to put things together to create a great look. At the beginning it is worth mentioning that all these closet basics should be of good quality, with simple cuts and neutral colors, so they should be simply universal. Pay attention to choose fabrics and cuts that suit your figure. Wool, cotton, cashmere or silk will do much better than polyester, polyamide or acrylic.

T-shirts with V neckline

Practical, comfortable and timeless are the main features of T-shirts. It is ideal to have them in basic colors: white, black and gray, and with a V neckline, thanks to which the neck will optically lengthen and the silhouette will look much more favorable.

Blouses are available in stores for as little as several zlotys, but it is not worth saving on this element of clothing. It is better to choose good quality cotton, which will withstand numerous washings.

T-shirts are versatile and you can easily wear them with jeans and sneakers, with a jacket or a Ramones. They will even go well with a skirt. With their help you can create great everyday as well as evening outfits.

White shirt

Contrary to what you may think, a white shirt is not just a gala or business outfit item. It will also work great for everyday wear. It all depends on what you match it with – black jeans, elegant jacket and stilettos, or maybe jeans, ramones and sneakers. There are many ways to style a white shirt. You can button up to the neck, roll up the sleeves or tie it in a knot in the front.

How to choose the perfect model? First of all, it should not be too tight, let alone transparent. For this, the best choice is the one made of breathable, airy material. A 100% polyester shirt may look good, but it will definitely not be comfortable to wear.

Perfect pants x2

An absolute must have are figure-fitting pants. Here, it is worth having two pieces – blue jeans and black tube pants. When buying them, pay attention to the size of the pockets, length of the legs and the state. Low-rise jeans went out of fashion many years ago – and that’s a good thing! Higher top beautifully emphasizes feminine shapes, masking possible imperfections. It is also good if they have a bit of elastane in them.

You can choose dark blue jeans with delicate patches or completely plain. If you want them to go with everything, avoid big embellishments or holes. If you like to dress in light colors, you can opt for blue or white. The advantage of jeans and skinny jeans over other pants is their versatility – you can match them with any blouse, sweater or shirt, matching them with stilettos, sneakers, boots or sandals. There is full freedom here.


Another basic element which cannot be missing in your closet is a jacket. It should be loose and in classic color (black, grey or even red), without patterns. Such models can be easily matched with any blouse and shirt, and accessories will spice up the whole outfit. The jacket is also perfect for everyday use. Depending on your preference, you can wear it with high-heeled or sporty shoes.

Bright sneakers

Finally, still among all the models of footwear, sneakers are definitely worth having. Why? First of all, you can wear them all year round, even in winter, since this one has been quite kind in recent years. Moreover, they are quite versatile. You can use them to enhance your everyday as well as office outfits – sneakers have long since stopped being associated only with sportswear.

Invest in good quality shoes that won’t make your feet feel tired or sweaty. Lighter colors work well, as black sneakers can weigh down your silhouette when worn with certain outfits.

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