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Decrease in energy during the winter – how to take care of the body, skin condition and general well-being?

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Still struggling with fatigue, excessive sleepiness, and a drop in energy? Rest assured, it’s natural this time of year. Check how to take care for your body, skin condition and general well-being

Say NO to fatigue and don’t give in to winter blues

You are living life at full speed, overtime at work, stress, physical activity, not getting enough sleep – your body reacts to it with fatigue. It may be manifested by significant deterioration of mood, lack of energy, problems with concentration or sleepiness. This type of fatigue can also be the result of a winter cold, overwork and the already mentioned recurrent stress. In order to combat the feeling of persistent fatigue, you need to take care of an adequate amount of sleep, a healthy and balanced diet and proper regeneration

Take care of your health in winter

It is not an easy challenge to take care of your health in winter because there are many things that can affect your body and weaken it. In the winter, pathogenic microorganisms multiply and spread at a rapid pace. A balanced diet rich in vegetables, lean meats, dairy products and whole grains will help to maintain immunity. These are sources of vitamins and minerals that support the human immune system, especially during the winter. Physical activity outdoors is also a source of immunity. Believe that half an hour walk is enough to sufficiently oxygenate the body and charge it with a dose of vitamin D3. Remember that a toughened body better stands up to the attacks of bacteria and viruses

How to take care of your skin in winter?

When the temperature drops, our skin needs strong nourishment and replenishment of the hydrolipid mantle that protects it from loss of elasticity. It is scientifically proven that oily and combination skin suffers less from low temperatures and changeable weather conditions, while dry, sensitive and vascular skin needs more attention during this period. Frequent and rapid temperature changes cause capillaries (capillaries) to alternately contract and expand, which can lead to their breakage

Remember that no matter how your skin and body react to the cold, it is worth slightly modifying your daily skin care rituals at this time of year.

Cosmetics used in winter should create a thin and fairly elastic film on the skin, which will prevent excessive evaporation of moisture from the epidermis and at the same time provide it with lipids needed for proper functioning. Thanks to this the skin will still be firm and delicate to the touch, and we will avoid unpleasant flaking and itching of the epidermis, which is the result of excessive drying of the skin.

What else should we look for in “winter” cosmetics? So called emollients, which have a delicate effect and are also recommended for allergy sufferers. These preparations also help to replenish lipid deficiency and retain water in the epidermis.

For everyday skin care during winter frosts it is worth including cosmetics containing valuable vegetable oils such as avocado or almond oil. Why? Because such preparations perfectly soothe irritated skin, restoring its elasticity, flexibility and smoothness as well as protecting it against the harmful effects of low temperatures. It is worth looking for face and body creams with shea butter, which strongly lubricates and smoothes the skin and is also a great radioprotective substance.

How to take care of your general well-being in winter?

To avoid the winter blues, it is worth taking care of your general well-being. People who do not have the opportunity or do not want to participate in winter activities can exercise at home to improve their well-being. There are many instructional workout videos available on the internet. There are also many exercises for which we do not need any special equipment, just a little desire. You will see how after a series of squats, bends or jumping jacks a smile will immediately appear on your face.

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