5 ideas for using coffee grounds
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5 ideas for using coffee grounds

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The smell and taste of coffee make many coffee drinkers dizzy. When this particularly stimulating drink in the morning disappears from our cup or mug, there are grounds at the bottom, so we throw them away. But don’t do that! Coffee grounds have many properties and it is worth using them.

Have a cup of coffee and throw the remaining grounds in the garbage? Don’t do that! Coffee grounds can be used as a nutrient to provide plants with important nutrients including potassium and magnesium. Check out these 5 great ways to use coffee grounds.

1. Coffee grounds as a plant fertiliser

Coffee grounds contain valuable substances which act as a nutritious fertiliser for plants. They also have a great effect on acid-loving plants because they neutralise the calcium in the tap water. In addition, the coffee grounds loosen up the soil and make it dry out more slowly.

2. Coffee grounds in cosmetics

Coffee residues can be used in homemade cosmetics. Coffee grounds work great in the form of a delicate scrub. Regularly used coffee peeling will restore a radiant look to tired skin and help delay signs of aging. How to prepare regenerative home peeling with coffee grounds? To make this cosmetic mixture we need 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 1 tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil or face wash gel. After combining these ingredients, apply the mask to the skin and in circular motions massage the moistened skin for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Coffee peeling prepared in this way can be used both on the face and the whole body.

Coffee grounds can also make a homemade hair rinse. As it turns out, the caffeine contained in coffee stimulates hair bulbs to growth and gives the hair a beautiful shine. Such a rinse also has the property of slightly darkening the hair color. Because of the latter property, the coffee rinse is suitable mainly for brunettes and brunettes with dark hair. How to make the rinse? All you need to do is to prepare a cup of strong coffee and after it cools down, strain the coffee grounds and add 2 cups of lukewarm water. Rinse the washed hair and scalp with the prepared solution and leave it for a quarter of an hour before washing it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3. Coffee grounds as a refresher

Coffee grounds are an effective insect repellent. It is enough to sprinkle them on small plates in places where bothersome insects appear, e.g. near a fruit bowl, around which fruit flies and even ants love to roam. Coffee also has the ability to neutralize odors. Coffee grounds can be used by placing them in a small container, e.g. in the car. They are also great for removing dried-on grease and stubborn stains on pots and pans. Sprinkle less than a teaspoon of coffee grounds on a wet sponge with a little dishwashing liquid. The coffee particles will act as a scraper and help mechanically remove the stubborn dirt.

4. Coffee grounds as a paste for repairing furniture

Coffee grounds are good for repairing cracks in furniture. When you have a scratched countertop, it is worth reaching for a homemade paste from coffee. How to make it? Add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to two tablespoons of instant coffee and mix with a bit of water until a paste-like concoction is formed. After mixing the coffee paste, put it on a small spatula or brush and carefully fill the cavity visible in the furniture. After the homemade concoction dries, polish the surface of the furniture with wax.

5. Coffee grounds as mulch

Do you dream of a fairytale garden? It is a well-known fact that beautiful plants and grass grow on fertile bedding. And coffee grounds act as such a mulch. Sprinkle them around your garden plants and cover them with garden bark. The coffee grounds will decompose slowly and thus supply the topsoil with valuable and much needed nitrogen. You can also sprinkle the coffee grounds under the garden plants before an impending rainstorm or before a scheduled watering. Then they will be washed into the ground and not blown away by the wind

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