How to rest effectively?
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How to rest effectively?

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According to a study conducted by Kantar Millward Brown for Work Service, Poles work on average even 45 hours a week. This is much more than, for example, Swedes or Italians. Unfortunately, the time for relaxation is usually spent on other duties, which results in overloading the body. So how to relax effectively, so that the next day spent at work was an energetic and positive day for us?

Principles of effective rest

First of all, we should treat the time in which we want to rest very seriously. It should not be spent on work – nor should we try to catch up on work. This results in overwork, but also in great fatigue. Separating time off from work is extremely important, especially if our work is quite monotonous, but also mentally or physically taxing.

  1. Turn off the phone

It is very important to completely disconnect from our professional work when we have free time. This is very important, especially if we want to keep our mental balance and also make our rest effective. Without a strong disconnection from professional work, unfortunately, we are not able to rest well. So it is good to turn off the phone so that it does not interfere with our relaxation. An hour without social media and contact with co-workers will greatly help us gain a healthy distance from many things.

  1. Get together with family and friends

Many psychologists talk about the importance of human contact in relaxation. It will definitely help us have a very nice time. Talking with loved ones makes our mind relax and we can build relationships. Playing and laughing together helps a lot and has a positive impact on our mental health. Talking about our worries and problems, and advising each other on life’s difficult issues, can help us find the right outlet. Connecting with loved ones also makes us feel less lonely.

  1. Developing hobbies

While fulfilling our professional duties, we do not have time to develop hobbies. After work, a relaxing activity is to expand our passions. Doing activities that we enjoy not only allows us to relax, but also to temporarily forget about the work ahead of us. Having interests outside of work is very important. This can be for example painting or learning a new language. Devoting ourselves to such an activity also develops us strongly and allows us to get to know ourselves better. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about your abilities and appreciate them.

  1. Time for health

In the daily rush, unfortunately, we often forget about our own needs, including health. Skipping this important aspect makes us unable to be effective at work. Taking care of our health, including mental health, should fill our free time. Thanks to this we will certainly feel much better. In finding a mental balance we will certainly be helped by practicing sports, but also by a simple walk. Let’s look at our diet, let’s try to prepare healthy meals for ourselves outside of work, so that we can eat properly even during a week full of challenges.

  1. Sleep and ‘doing nothing’

Often the best way to regenerate is just sleep. During sleep, our body gains strength very quickly. The whole body, although it has all the vital functions, is as if in sleep, so that regeneration can be more effective. It is also helpful to have less active rest, when we just lie down or half snooze. Such quite static rest gives us an opportunity for reflection. A momentary stop is very important and gives us the necessary time to verify our aspirations and desires. Thanks to this for sure it will be much easier for us to find the right way out of difficult life situations.

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