Dream profession – do you know what to do to become a fashion designer?

Dream profession – do you know what to do to become a fashion designer?

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The limelight, global recognition, a solid salary and the satisfaction when the biggest stars from the world of film and music walk the red carpet in your creations. Many people dream of becoming a fashion designer, but not all of them fulfill their dreams. What to do to become a designer?

The answer to the question: how to become a fashion designer is not the simplest, because it consists of many factors. A candidate for this profession must have many skills and artistic predispositions, but also mental. Talent alone is not enough, you have to work for years for your success and brand.

Creative approach and artistic imagination are the basis

In the profession of designer is extremely important sensitivity to color, light and of course beauty. Candidate for this profession must acquire knowledge equally in the field of design, drawing, painting, as well as tailoring. Admittedly, a fashion designer does not have to be able to sew, but he should know the properties of the given fabrics. As with many other professional trades, the ability to adapt to the requirements of the employing company is also necessary, knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to analyze and observe the market are useful. It is good when a candidate for fashion designer realizes that knowledge of marketing and constant compliance with the rules of the current fashion market are necessary in this profession

Where to start learning?

The educational paths that lead to the “Mount Everest” of the fashion industry are many, and what really matters is consistency and systematic work in this direction. The future designer can choose from many post-secondary schools or sewing technicians with a specialization in design. In Poland, there are also many private schools that educate in the direction of clothing design. Many people also decide to study abroad. Young designers are looking for summer courses, and those who have already gained more skills, choose the French and Italian universities, which have interesting offers for foreign students, such as Fashion Academy in Milan.

Of course, in order to get into a particular school or university, you have to pass exams, which vary depending on the specialty you choose. Usually the recruitment is done in two stages. Let’s assume that a candidate is going for textile design. Probably, he will have to provide some paintings, drawings and, of course, pass a practical exam. After qualifying for the second stage, you have to pass an oral exam, which will consist of questions on design, art history and knowledge of contemporary trends in the fashion world.

There are also many competitions waiting for young fashion designers, organized not only by universities, but also by clothing companies and prestigious fashion houses. What does the winner of such a competition gain? Winning an award can open many closed doors that will result in establishing valuable contacts in the industry.

Keep raising the bar and make demands of yourself

Although every fashion designer works for his or her own name, nothing will be gained alone. In the fashion world, it is important to be able to work as a team. A designer should work with a technologist and a designer, and ultimately with the models who present his creations. A good creator of clothes must be empathetic, understand and appreciate the specialists who work with him. After all, designing is a task for an entire team, each member of which is responsible for something different, and all of them for the final result.

In today’s world, it is also important to be familiar with computer programs used for design. The most commonly used (and most well-known at the same time) are such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw. It is about knowledge of vector graphics programs that help to create technological documentation of the model and presentation of clothing designs. They also allow quick modification of the design, taking into account different color options.

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