Make-up for work in 10 minutes – find out the 5 key steps

Make-up for work in 10 minutes – find out the 5 key steps

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In the morning, there are so many activities to do before leaving the house in the morning. Shower, coffee, breakfast and makeup. It’s hard to get everything done and not arrive at work late.

Here’s how to do your daily makeup for work in 10 minutes. Never again will you skip a nutritious breakfast or aromatic coffee in favour of getting ready in the morning. In these simple steps, you’ll find a way to keep your makeup fresh and soft.

How to do your makeup in 10 minutes and look perfect at work?

It’s completely understandable that a perfect makeup with full skin coverage, eyeliner application, face contouring and highlighting can take over an hour. Sometimes, especially first thing in the morning, it’s better to focus on the basics and get your makeup done much faster. In these 5 key steps, you’ll find a method for the perfect makeup for work that will enhance your look but won’t weigh down your skin. It will be lightweight while still achieving a long-lasting effect

  1. Prepare your skin

Giving your skin the right look requires preparation. Taking proper care of your face by using moisturizers and scrubs will help avoid dryness and blemishes. A beautiful complexion is the basis for a well-groomed and fresh appearance. In the daily toiletry you can not forget about the cream with UV filter. It should be applied every day before leaving the house. To save time, it is best to find a product that is both moisturizing and has high-quality protection against the sun’s rays

  1. Full coverage – foundation and concealer

Another essential step in preparing your makeup for work is applying foundation and concealer. If you want less intense coverage, you can use BB cream instead of foundation. There are a lot of foundations available on the market in many different colors and forms – stick, liquid or powder foundations. After getting the right skin tone, it is time to use a concealer. It is perfect for areas that require extra coverage such as blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. Stick concealers work best for areas that need heavy coverage, while liquid concealers are perfect for under the eyes

  1. Take care of your colors

Foundation and concealer form the base of your makeup, but your face can look flat with just these products. This is where blush and bronzer come into play. Apply bronzer to the outer edges of your cheekbones, then use blush on your cheeks for a 3D dimension. On days when your skin doesn’t glow, creamy blushes and bronzers will be a great alternative to powder. If you want to add beautiful color to your eyes as well, use cream eyeshadows – you’ll avoid staining your face with filings, and the effect will be long-lasting

  1. Framing the eyes

If you want to use eyeliner in your daily makeup for work, first you need to learn how to make a perfect line with “closed eyes”. The morning and the prospect of being late is not the right time to practice this maneuver. We often hear that eyebrows are the frame of the face. Therefore, many believe that the eyebrows require a little more attention. A pencil will be perfect for highlighting them, giving them the right shape and filling in the areas that need extra coverage. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to apply a gel to your eyebrows to give them the right color and shape

  1. Finishing the make-up

The last step is to apply mascara to your lashes. Apply the product by moving the wand from the base of your lashes to the tips. Black mascara curls the color of your iris, while brown mascara will work well as an alternative for a more natural effect. Finish your makeup with a lip gloss or lip balm, or use a colored lipstick. Using a lipstick as the last stage of make-up will allow you to choose the right color. The ideal solution for work are matte liquid lipsticks, which last a long time on the lips

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