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Crossword puzzle solving – how does this activity affect our brain?

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They are not only a time killer, but also a very creative activity that develops our brain. We are talking about crosswords, which solving teaches and entertains at the same time.

Some people solve them for example during long train journeys, others are such fans of crosswords that they do it regularly e.g. in the evenings at home. For some it is an activity to kill boredom, while for others it is an addiction that has crept into their daily schedule. However, regardless of the reason for solving them, crossword puzzles have a great impact on our brain. If physical exercises strengthen our muscles and whole body, then solving crosswords is such a strengthening and training for our mind.

Solving crossword puzzles is a great workout for the brain

Since by exercising physically we train and strengthen our body, can we also “train” our brain by, for example, solving crossword puzzles? Of course it is. Puzzles stimulate our brain receptors, just as reading books stimulates our imagination and enriches our vocabulary. Many scientists have conducted studies on the effects of solving crossword puzzles on brain activity. Most of them came to similar conclusions, namely that bending over puzzles has a positive effect on the work of the most important of our organs, namely the brain.

It is known that working on guessing crossword puzzles helps to keep the memory in good shape, and also continues to develop the human desire to learn new things, just by remembering

Solving crossword puzzles also gives many other psychosocial benefits – it is an interesting and developing way to spend free time (instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV screen, which only makes the brain stagnant and gives no stimulus to any action). Working on deciphering crossword slogans is also a constant learning of new concepts, increasing the speed of thinking and, if we solve it together with our loved ones, it is a way to consolidate and strengthen our social relationships.

Physical training rejuvenates the body, and solving crossword puzzles rejuvenates the brain

The brain-like other parts and organs of our body-is aging. It is an inevitable process. If the signs of facial aging are wrinkles, then problems with concentration and poor memory, may indicate that our brain is no longer working at top speed. But if we can delay the skin aging process by exercising, eating healthy and, for example, using creams with vitamins, then similarly, “training” our brain, we can also “rejuvenate” it. The main thing is to constantly stimulate it to the effort of thinking, training memory, memorizing – and a great way to do this is to solve crosswords. What is interesting is that in the process of deciphering word puzzles our brain uses a lot of energy, so it burns calories. Isn’t it a great way to get rid of extra pounds without physical exertion?

Solving crossword puzzles is nothing but playing with words. The more often we do it, the more efficient our brain is. Some say that solving crossword puzzles helps to prevent neurodegenerative (dementia-causing) diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Solving various types of crossword puzzles also affects the decreasing activity of nerve cells in the brain, which unfortunately tend to shrink over time. Crossword enthusiasts are also teachers. More and more often they use them e.g. on tests, as a method of summarizing the lesson. Solving crosswords develops creative thinking, and this is the main scientific aspect that teachers want to instill in their students

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