The Best Nightwear and Lingerie You Need in Your Bedroom
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The Best Nightwear and Lingerie You Need in Your Bedroom

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Lingerie is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether she’s wearing it as night wear or to feel sexy in the bedroom. But what lingerie types should you be looking for? The best nightwear and lingerie come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying the best nightwear and lingerie on the market today so that you can pick out something cute, comfy, and sexy.


The slip is probably one of, if not, THE most famous and comfortable undergarments for women. It is a long, usually simple dress that slips over the shoulders. Slips can also be sleeveless or have short sleeves. A slip will add a layer of comfort and modesty under any outfit that could use it. Slip dresses work great under gowns or as a swimsuit cover-up. 


Think of it as underwear for adults. The right nightdress can be an indulgent, luxurious treat; and is ideal for bedtime if you don’t want a barrier between your skin. There are lots of different styles available, from those with shirring or lace detailing, to classic white cotton or fine jersey wool numbers. Look for one that feels soft and has plenty of stretch in order to allow for a comfortable fit – women come in all shapes and sizes after all!


A chemise is a loose-fitting women’s garment with long sleeves and an open front. Chemises come in all sorts of different styles. If you’re looking for something fancy, you could go for a satin chemise—or maybe even one that has lace or ruffles. You can also buy cami sets or white cotton chemises at your local department store. In general, they’re meant to be worn over your underwear and they usually end at mid-thigh or below your knees.


These flirty sheer little numbers are a sexy alternative to traditional pyjamas. These pieces range from semi-sheer lace to rich satin and everything in between. They make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or your honeymoon. Choose darker colours (black, dark pink, maroon) if you want an elegant look that will flatter any body type while lighter shades can be more playful and fun. It can also be worn with stockings/pantyhose as dressy casual wear or under something slinky on a night out as one piece of an outfit rather than two items.

Garter Belt 

Garter belts aren’t just for holding up stockings anymore! If you like, garter belts can also be worn as a piece of underwear on their own – they’re super hot and very risqué. While it might not be appropriate to wear them with everyday outfits, you could use them to surprise your partner when wearing a sexy nightgown or robe. Garter belts are also great for holding up stockings if you want that naughty pin-up look. A garter belt is essentially a belt with straps attached; these straps have clips at one end so you can attach them to your stockings. 

Corsets and Clinchers

If you’re looking for something to make your figure look more curvy and shapely, consider purchasing a corset. You can purchase them in different lengths, but most are meant to go just below your breasts with a lace-up back. The length you choose depends on how dramatic you want to look in them. If you like more of an hourglass shape, try a corset on with garters, thigh highs, and heels! 

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