Are you suffering from insomnia? Here are 5 herbs that will solve your problem
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Are you suffering from insomnia? Here are 5 herbs that will solve your problem

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Melissa, lavender, hops, chamomile or valerian – by regularly drinking infusions of these herbs, you can get rid of sleep problems. This is a natural and effective method.

What happens when you don’t sleep?

Sleep is one of the most important activities in life, just like eating, drinking or breathing. It is especially important for the effective functioning of the brain, and thus the entire body. Remember, however, that the most important thing is not the quantity of sleep but its quality.

So what are the negative effects of lack of sleep? First of all weight gain. Why? Hormonal balance is disrupted, cravings for high calorie foods, unhealthy foods and… larger portions.

Not getting enough sleep also causes headaches, problems with concentration and memory, as well as speech and vision disorders. Even hallucinations can occur.

It is said that a hungry person is angry, but insomnia also affects the appearance of irritability, resentment and absentmindedness.

Sleep deficiency has another serious consequence – it lowers immunity, thus exposing the body to infections

How to deal with insomnia?

Do you have problems with falling asleep, do you sleep short and do not wake up rested? Pay attention to your lifestyle. Establish regular times for getting up and going to bed. Give up naps during the day. Cut out cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and even cocoa and tea, especially in the evening – caffeine certainly won’t help you sleep.

Also take care of the place where you sleep. The temperature in the bedroom should be around 18-20 degrees Celsius. Plus a bed with a comfortable, not too soft mattress, the right pillow and a big comforter to tuck yourself in. Also, establish a calming bedtime ritual – reading a light book, watching a quiet movie, or listening to relaxing music.

What else you can do for your body is not taking pills, but drinking herbal infusions. Their action will positively surprise you. We suggest which herbs you should drink so that you can get rid of the problem of sleepless nights once and for all – in a natural way.


Melissa is one of the herbs we think about first when we have trouble falling asleep. No wonder, as flavonoids and essential oils present in it relieve stress and have a calming effect.

The infusion of lemon balm can be drunk every day, and if necessary, even more often. What is important, after a month of use, it should be withdrawn for at least 3 weeks so that the body does not get used to the active substances present in lemon balm.


The scent of lavender is calming, relaxing and soothing to the senses. There are really many ways to use it. You can hang dried lavender in a cotton bag next to your bed or spray your bedroom, pillow and bedclothes with lavender oil.

Not everyone knows that dried lavender is also good for consumption – just brew it and drink it before going to bed.


Hops, or rather hop cones, have a relaxing effect, making it easier to fall asleep. Unlike lemon balm or lavender, they allow you to induce not only sleep itself, but also a deep sleep

An infusion of hops cones can be drunk several times a day for a month, and then it should be discontinued, also for at least 3 weeks.


An infusion of chamomile relieves muscle spasms, regulates bowel function, and lowers blood sugar levels, making it easier to fall asleep. It is a rich source of flavonoids and has a relaxing effect.

Chamomile is also one of the herbs that you need to discontinue after 4 weeks to take a break. Additionally, you can use it on your eyes – in case of conjunctivitis.


Valerian is nothing but valerian. It reduces agitation, relaxes you effectively and makes it easier to fall asleep. Moreover, it will still prolong sleep time and reduce the number of awakenings during the night.

Valerian can also be drunk daily – but after a month, a longer break is necessary.

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