Want to move more this spring? Find out our ways!
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Want to move more this spring? Find out our ways!

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Spring is the perfect time to introduce more physical activity. More and more sunshine and high temperatures even encourage you to move. So if you want to move more, don’t wait a moment longer. In this article, you will learn what to do to incorporate movement into your daily life in the spring. 

Ditch the car in favor of walking!

This is the best way to take more steps each day. We are used to traveling to work by car because it is a great convenience. However, if you are able to carve out a little extra time to commute to and from work, swapping your car for your own feet will be the perfect move. It will allow you to oxygenate before work and de-stress afterwards. It will be a big saving on the money you spend on gas. It can act as a kind of workout. Plus, you can always take your headphones and walk around while listening to good music or an interesting podcast.

Ride a bike

This is another alternative to the car. It’s faster and more convenient than traveling on your own two feet, while also keeping your body moving. Plus, bike trips can be very stress relieving. Maybe your neighborhood has a park or forest with a bike path? Look around and you’ll find a route that’s perfect for you. It’s also a great way to spend time with your partner, as well as your friends and kids. 

Use outdoor gyms

Many parks have a designated area with exercise machines. While in winter they usually stand unused, in spring and summer they have many supporters. If you are embarrassed to exercise among other people and walkers, go there in the evening. Then people will not disturb you in your physical activity!

How about a swimming pool? 

Swimming is a kind of sport that has both supporters and opponents. Not everyone likes and can swim. But is this a reason to give up going to the pool? Of course not! The pool is a place where even if you can’t swim, you can still move. There is such a thing as aqua aerobics that you can sign up for. Just being in the water, even in the recreation area, will be an active way to spend your free time. Get in a swimsuit and give it a try!

Choose a further store, a further stop

You need groceries from a store – you automatically choose the one closest to you. But why not think about the one located a little further away? This way you force yourself to take more steps. The same principle works for the bus stop. If it’s not possible for you to walk to work or school, at least try to make your way to the bus stop longer. During the beautiful spring weather it will be a pleasure!

Try your hand at running

Running is not a sport for everyone. It has its admirers and anti fans. However, it is worth going for a run at least once. Set yourself a short route, put on some comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes and headphones – and run. Who knows, you might enjoy it!

If you can’t run at a fast pace at first, don’t be discouraged. Start by walking and then alternate between walking and running. In this way, little by little you will get the practice. 

main photo: de Paula

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