Homemade cosmetics from strawberries – how to make them?
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Homemade cosmetics from strawberries – how to make them?

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Each of us wants to enjoy beautiful skin as long as possible. Drugstore shelves offer us many cosmetics for different skin types. However, sometimes we question the composition of the product. Making a cosmetic ourselves at home, we are sure that it was created from natural ingredients

Articles intended for care can be made from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. It is well known that a slice of cucumber soothes eye irritation and eliminates fatigue. Avocado mask deeply moisturizes, and aloe vera soothes tired skin. However, it is surprising that strawberry, apart from tasting great, is a great product to create homemade cosmetics!

Regenerative effects of strawberries

This fantastic fruit contains vitamins B, C and A. It is a great source of iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The essence of strawberries has nourishing, astringent and antibacterial properties. It is ideal as a face mask or skin scrub. Cosmetics made of strawberries deeply moisturize, firm and eliminate skin discoloration

You can use them on your hair, to whiten your teeth or scrub your lips. The best part is that everything happens with very little effort and low cost

These fruits, are an ingredient in acne prevention masks. The seed oil will be a hit makeup product that can handle even the most persistent mascara. Recommended for people who struggle with intense seborrhea or blemishes on their skin. You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to take good care of your body

Homemade cosmetics from strawberries

If you have decided to make these masks and scrubs, make sure to get good quality strawberries. In fact, any will do the job, but if you have the option of using naturally grown ones, go for them. Before creating your cosmetics, make sure that you are not allergic to strawberries. The proteins found in them can make your skin itchy, tingling, or red.

Exfoliating scrub

To make your first beauty product, you will need extra fine-grained sugar. Blend a few ripe strawberries with a blender and add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Apply the prepared mixture on your face. Massage your skin with circular motions for 2-3 minutes. At the end rinse the scrub under warm water. After this treatment, apply a night-time moisturizer.

Mask for oily skin

This mask is dedicated to owners of oily skin. Lemon juice applied to sensitive skin can dry it out. Whip one egg white to stiff foam. Add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to it. Finally, add a few blended strawberries. Combine everything into a homogeneous mass. Apply the prepared mask on your skin for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash your face under lukewarm water. Before you start applying the product, make sure you have properly removed your makeup. Skin care always starts with proper cleansing.

Teeth whitening product

Baking soda, famous for its whitening properties combined with ripe strawberries will give a reliable strawberry toothpaste. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to several fruits and brush your teeth with the mixture for 5 minutes. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Repeat the process every day and you will enjoy a beautiful smile!

Sugar Body Scrub

The following scrub will differ from the one for the face with only a few ingredients. Since the skin on our face is very delicate, we cannot treat it with products that would irritate it. The skin on the body is much more resistant and needs a stronger exfoliation.

To prepare the product you will need:

  • 10 strawberries;
  • a few tablespoons of coarse sugar;
  • a tablespoon of cinnamon;
  • tbsp coffee grounds;
  • a tablespoon of honey.

Combine all products together. Apply to the skin and massage in circular motions. After a few minutes of massage, rinse off the product. If you use scrub every few days, you will fight cellulite. The skin will remain firm, moisturized and thanks to strawberries it will be more toned.

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