What makeup would be the best choice for an eyeglass wearer?

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Glasses are not a reason to give up on makeup. Beautifully done makeup will enhance your beauty and beauty advantages. Glasses are not a hindrance if you know a few basic makeup rules.

Eyeglasses can seem problematic when it comes to makeup. Many eyewear wearers even give up on makeup, claiming that it is covered up or doesn’t do the job anyway. Meanwhile, even with glasses, you can emphasize the advantages of the face.

Contouring needed right away!

Even for women who do not wear glasses, face contouring makes a big difference. A well-lit, bronzed face looks healthy and radiant

Women who wear glasses do not have to opt for heavy makeup, sometimes it is enough to emphasize the assets of their beauty and give their face a girlish freshness. This is how well done contouring works. For women with glasses, highlighter is the most important. Frames often cast a shadow on the face and give it a tired expression. In one smooth move, with the help of a well-chosen illuminating powder, we can brighten the complexion and avoid a sallow look.

Perfectly emphasized eyebrows

Another element that is extremely important are the eyebrows. Eyes usually disappear under glasses. Expressive, well-adjusted eyebrows enhance the look and give the face more character. Note however that if you have thick, heavy frames you should avoid dark eye shadow or eyebrow pencil, but instead use more subtle eyebrows. At the same time their shape should be thin and slender.

On the other hand, for light, classic glasses you can go wild, emphasizing the eyebrows more strongly and risk a thicker shape. If the frame is brightly colored it is recommended to use a highlighter near the eyebrow arch

Eye Makeup for Reduced Vision Lenses

Short-sighted people have to remember that their glasses optically reduce the size of their eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid lines under the eyelid or thick lines painted with eyeliner that do not travel upwards. Any such treatments will further diminish the eye. Therefore, any opening makeup is advisable. You should also opt for a white or flesh-colored pencil on the water line of the eye, which will significantly enlarge it. Light eye shadow and bold, curled eyelashes are also recommended

Makeup for Farsighted People

Glasses, which magnify the eye, give you more room for improvement. Here dark shadows, smoky eyes and eyeliner are allowed. Choose rather matte but more free colors. Avoid bright colors, which will magnify the eye even more, which, combined with the optical impression created by the glasses, will not look good, and even grotesque. A similar effect will be obtained by using glitter shadows

Naturalness and consistency

Everything must fit together, so avoid colors that will clash with the frame. The same goes for tone, if you have frames in warm shades like gold or brown, avoid cold colors like silver, grey or blue

It is also worth betting on natural make-up, so called make-up no make-up. This type of style is characterized by girly freshness and brightness, which is elegant and at the same time very comfortable and emphasizes all beauty advantages of most women. It is also worth making friends with an eyelash curler, which will allow us to emphasize the lashes, and at the same time will make them not bump against the glasses

Lips have a voice

When it comes to lip makeup, all the rules that normally apply to makeup apply. This means that if you emphasize your eye heavily, your lips should be a subdued color and vice versa. It is also important to remember that the color should coordinate with the color of the frames, as well as correspond with the style of the glasses. For example, if you have glasses with a more modern look, you may want to consider trendy purples or maroons on your lips. Classic retro frames, on the other hand, should correspond beautifully with red lipstick.

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