Scandinavian style – get to know the key principles
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Scandinavian style – get to know the key principles

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Currently, in many apartments reigns Scandinavian style. And what is important – it does not mean that these interiors are similar to each other. This style has more than one version. What is worth knowing about it and what is its popularity?

Bright, simple, yet pleasing to the eye and cozy interiors in Scandinavian style have permanently settled in our homes and apartments. Such arrangements are currently a hit around the world, and according to experts – nothing promises to change soon. It is also important that the Scandinavian style can have different faces, so there is no impression that all homes look the same. Sometimes a few small details can make them take on a unique character

A brief history of Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style comes from northern Europe and was born at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is assumed that its creator is Carl Larsson – a painter and architect from Sweden. This artist painted the everyday life of his countrymen, depicted it all in very bright, clean colors, which was supposed to inspire the creation of similar interior arrangements. Such an arrangement of apartments was ideal to brighten up the cold north. An interesting fact is undoubtedly that in Poland Scandinavian style has become particularly popular thanks to the Swedish brand IKEA, where you can buy furniture, accessories and interior design accessories at low prices

What are the characteristics of Scandinavian style?

How to recognize Scandinavian style? It is characterized by naturalness, simplicity and functionality. Colors are bright, clean, pleasant to the eye, and optically enlarge the interior and give it space. This style is also associated with minimalism and practical function of objects in a room. There are no unnecessary accessories, numerous and heavy pieces of furniture or large ornamented picture frames. In the Scandinavian style in vain to look for long curtains and curtains; usually it is the roller blinds, and these days there are really a lot of them, so you can create with them a lot of interesting designs

The basis in this arrangement is also the floor. It should be wooden (or imitating wood), natural. Alternatively, it can be combined with wicker or stone elements, but these more often appear on the walls than on the floor. Everything should be cozy and refer to nature

Scandinavian style – what fabrics to choose?

In the apartment arranged in the Scandinavian style, materials and fabrics that appear there are often the icing on the cake. They make the interior more cosy and they match perfectly with wooden elements. Dominating here are cotton, linen, as well as jute, which has become more and more popular in recent seasons. Rugs and plaids made of these fabrics usually have thick, expressive weave and are devoid of additions in the form of beads, sequins, etc. They are a sensational complement to the interior. So it is a beautiful and at the same time functional decoration

What kind of lighting?

When decorating a living room, kitchen or bedroom in Scandinavian style, you should also pay attention to lighting. It should be practical and decorative at the same time. Nowadays it often combines modern design with classic simple forms. Lamps usually have natural wooden elements and round forms. Floor ones are equipped with white, beige or cream lampshades. Lovers of more original forms can bet on lamps inspired by industrial, retro and classic style. Such a combination will surely add uniqueness and character to the interior

What accessories?

Additions are crucial in every interior. If we opt for Scandinavian style, these can be minimalistic yet expressive decorations. Designers often encourage to reach for decorations in intense colors, such as yellow, black or red, which will perfectly contrast with the simplicity of furniture. Thanks to that, the interior will not be boring. Decorations usually refer to nature and wildlife, so they can be in the shape of leaves, cones or twigs. Intense colors can also be found on posters, which framed in antique frames also often appear on the walls of Scandinavian-style interiors

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