How to establish the right rhythm of the day – ideal for health and beauty?
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How to establish the right rhythm of the day – ideal for health and beauty?

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Our health, and thus our appearance and beauty, is influenced by several factors. Among them, it is worth mentioning the appropriate amount of sleep, finding a balance between work and private life and proper care for the soul and body. The biological diurnal rhythm will allow us to lead a healthier and happier life. It is worth taking into account the daily cycles and adjusting our rhythm to the movement of the Earth around the Sun

Our internal clock very cleverly adjusts our physiology to a specific time of day. It regulates and changes such aspects as behavior, hormone levels, sleep, body temperature, metabolism, appetite or blood pressure. People who do not respect the rules of the rhythm of the day often painfully experience the consequences – chronic fatigue, health problems, or insomnia. This issue is so important that in 2017, the Nobel Prize in Medicine went into the hands of distinguished American chronobiologists

The human biological clock

The biological clock, otherwise known as the biological rhythm, is a set of biotechnical processes that enable the measurement of time and synchronization of life processes consistent with external conditions. Biotechnical processes include breathing, movement, growth, or nutrition, among others. Consequently, humans over the millennia have developed their diurnal cycle to match what is happening outside. These processes are strongly influenced by the presence of the sun, because it has been the reference point for determining what time is associated with which activity. Even today, the sun’s rays in the morning awaken us from our night’s sleep by activating the suprachiasmatic nuclei, which work closely with the pineal gland and the retina

The diurnal rhythm and the influence of technology

The twentieth century and the spread of electricity in both urban and rural areas have greatly affected the natural human diurnal rhythm. With the development of technology, these changes are more profound and we live more and more disconnected from the biological clock. For years, people have organized their work and rest according to synchronization with the natural daily rhythm. This involved getting up at sunrise and being active mainly in sunlight

Nowadays, the sun no longer plays such an important role in our daily rhythm, we go to bed much later and thanks to electricity we can also work at night. What could be the consequences? The price of a dysregulated biological clock can be quite high, namely it is often associated with sleep disorders, headaches, distraction, chronic fatigue and stomach problems

The rhythm of the day, and care

It turns out that living in accordance with the natural daily rhythm can also have an impact on beauty and appearance. Cosmetologists are interested in the changes that occur in the body every day. During the day, the body adapts to the current activity, or rather to the activity that should be performed in accordance with the biological clock. Therefore, with careful analysis, it is possible to notice each day that our body temperature or blood pressure changes. Scientists have studied that the concentration of hormones in the body during the day and the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness are also different.

Beautiful skin requires sleep and rest

During the day, the skin protects the body from harmful external factors. The night, however, is the time for regeneration and repair processes of skin tissue. In the afternoon, we may notice that we start to shine more – this is due to greater activity of the sebaceous glands. The skin is also not as well oxygenated and circulated as right after waking up. That’s why it’s important to set aside enough hours for sleep so that nighttime skin restoration can take place. This is mainly to rid the skin of toxins, which are removed into the lymphatic vessels. At night, active ingredients are better absorbed than during the day. Therefore, in the evening you should use cosmetics designed for the night.


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