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How to make garden furniture from pallets?

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Spring is approaching fast, and thus the time to “dust off” garden furniture. Recently very fashionable are those made of pallets. Unnecessary pallets, which usually linger on plots of land after renovation or construction of a house, can be used to construct garden furniture. Do you know how to make them?

Garden furniture from pallets is a great, cheap and, most importantly, a quick way to ergonomically use and develop space, especially that in the garden. No wonder that nowadays one of the most popular ways to furnish a terrace or garden is furniture made of pallets. Do you know how to make a table or a bench from this material yourself?

Making garden furniture from pallets step by step:

1. Prepare the pallets and the appropriate tools:

As before starting any activity in life, you should also start with a plan when making garden furniture. Let’s determine how much and what kind of furniture we need. Classically, a set of garden furniture should include a table and two armchairs for which you will need at least 8 pallets. However, remember that their number will depend on the planned height of our furniture.

It’s also worth considering what size pallets we want to make them of. If we don’t have the necessary amount, we can always ask around in markets or construction sites. Size of pallets is important, because by choosing the right one, you will not have to cut them. Available sizes include 80 × 60 cm, 120 × 120 cm, and 120 × 80 cm, and the height of each pallet, regardless of size, is 14.4 cm. To make furniture from pallets, you will need tools such as a sander, screwdriver, as well as impregnating agent and varnish.

2. Proper preparation and maintenance of pallets:

Keep in mind that garden furniture made of pallets should be made carefully, so that no splinters stick out of them, and after the passage of time they do not begin to crack or rot under the excessive influence of moisture. Don’t forget that before you start screwing pallets together, you first need to dry them, preferably for a few days in a warm, dry and fairly well-ventilated place. Next, you need to level them with a sander and smooth their surface, preferably using sandpaper.

The next step is to impregnate and varnish the sanded and dust-cleaned pallets. Their surface should be perfectly smooth. Apply a wood preservative for outdoor use to protect garden furniture from weather conditions. When the impregnator is already absorbed, we apply varnish, it can be colorless or in color (depending on our expectations and taste).

3. Assembling the furniture:

Now comes the time when we can deal with the assembly of our garden furniture made of pallets. What do we do? We start screwing them together. As a matter of fact, this is not a complicated activity at all. For example, to make a coffee table from pallets, we put one pallet on top of the other, depending on how high we want the table to be. The pallets are screwed together using a drill and long screwdrivers

If you want to make a garden armchair, put two pallets on top of each other and screw them together to make a seat. Then we add a third pallet perpendicular to one of the sides of the seat, and this way we get a backrest. When you want to make a garden bench out of pallets, you twist two armchairs together. And how to make a simple deckchair? Such garden furniture will be created by connecting 2 or 3 pallets together. A garden lounger made of pallets, for example, can be equipped with soft cushions for greater comfort.

There are really many ideas on how to use pallets. It often happens that pallets go to waste after a renovation and end up in the trash, yet they are still worth using.

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