5 loft style rules for the bedroom!
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5 loft style rules for the bedroom!

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Do you like industrial interiors, but don’t know how to bring their atmosphere to your own bedroom? No worries! Below we present 5 simple rules, thanks to which you can easily arrange your bedroom in loft style!

The trend of renovating post-factory rooms caused that loft style became one of the most fashionable. No wonder, after all it is very elegant, climatic and very practical. What is more, its character began to be recreated not only in modernized factories, but also in “ordinary” apartments and houses. So find out, how to arrange your own bedroom in this style!

1. Wall colors

Industrial style is characterized by cool colors. It is dominated by concrete grays, cold whites or simply bricks. In loft interiors, in order to enliven the space, saturated colors, such as fire brigade red or daffodil yellow, are also used. Remember, however, that these are only details, not the dominant color of the interior. That is why a stronger accent should be used on one, and not all walls.

2. Furniture

This style is dominated by minimalism and functionality, so limit yourself to only necessary furniture in the interior. It is worth betting on designer elements, which in addition to a cool look, will serve a useful function. Another issue is the fact that in this style there are a lot of metal and wooden elements. Therefore, in the bedroom, it is worth betting on a designer steel closet, minimalist metal shelves and a large wooden bed.

3. Flooring

To slightly warm up the austere interior, it is worth choosing wooden planks, parquet or panels for the floor, which will add a bit of coziness to the room.

4. Accessories

Choose interesting, but practical accessories, for example industrial style lamp, spotlight, bedside table made from pallets or mirror in golden frame. It is also worth adding woolen blankets and colorful pillows, which will cheer up the interior and make it more cozy.

5. Windows

Loft interiors are dominated by large industrial windows with characteristic divisions, as well as glazed doors or walls. The latter are used mainly in studio type rooms, so as to separate the living room part from the bedroom part. Thanks to them you can give the interior a unique loft character.
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