Make up no make up – how to do it in 10 minutes?

Make up no make up – how to do it in 10 minutes?

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For several seasons we have been observing a return to emphasizing natural beauty and one’s own true beauty. Make up no make up is the answer to this trend. With the right products and a certain technique we can quickly achieve the effect of a perfect, illuminated complexion with an even color. In this article we show you how to do this look in just 10 minutes.

What is make up no make up?

Make up no make up is a way to emphasize your natural beauty, without strong coverage. The makeup effect is very subtle, almost unnoticeable. The purpose of this technique is primarily to even out skin tone, cover imperfections and delicately illuminate. The whole gives the illusion of no makeup, while covering up any flaws

In the make up no make up we resign from contouring with bronzers. The most important thing is the type and quality of cosmetics used. Great importance is also attached to the way certain products are applied. All this allows to achieve the impression of a perfect, untouched complexion. This type of makeup is particularly useful in spring and summer. Then the skin is not exposed to low temperatures and cold winds, which can dry and irritate the skin

How to do make up no make up yourself? List of steps!

Such subtle makeup in the make up no make up technique has a few basic rules to follow. First, follow the principle of “quality, not quantity” and “the less, the more”. This will allow you to quickly prepare your natural makeup in a few steps:

  1. First: take care of the condition of your skin and prepare it for makeup. Take your time and apply a moisturizing mask or an intensely nourishing cream with a light formula.
  2. Use a soft makeup sponge to apply a coverage product like a light foundation or BB cream. For a no make up look, only a thin layer of product is needed. It is not about a mask effect, but only about evening out your complexion
  3. If your complexion is prone to imperfections, cover any imperfections with a concealer. Choose a concealer with moisturizing properties so that it does not weigh down your makeup. You can also apply concealer under your eyes and in the corners of your nose. Use your fingers to blend the product into your skin.
  4. Use a brush to apply your favorite mattifying powder. Depending on your preference, you may choose a transparent powder or a mineral powder with light pigmentation.
  5. Then subtly apply blush to your cheeks to give your complexion a radiant, warm look
  6. Use highlighter to add shine to your skin- highlight your cheekbones, as well as the tip of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes and your upper lip (the Cupid’s bow)
  7. Brush eyebrows upward, shaping them naturally with a brush.
  8. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a coat of clear or brown mascara. Be sure to comb your lashes well.
  9. Apply a soft gloss or nourishing lipstick to your lips

Products that Help with Neutral Makeup

The most important makeup product for a no makeup look is a light coverage foundation or BB cream. The product must be lightweight so that it does not create a mask-like effect. L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation guarantees coverage of imperfections and has caring properties. It is worth finding a formula that perfectly matches your skin complexion. Another indispensable product is a light powder. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a colorless or colored mineral powder. For normal skin you can try rice powder, which will give a natural, matte finish without any unwanted heaviness or clogging of pores

It is also worth having in your make-up bag a special eyebrow thickening gel. A classic here are products by Benefit. They add volume to the eyebrows and strengthen the look. To emphasize your eyelashes naturally, you can invest in a colorless mascara. Many women recommend a transparent mascara from Maybelline New York. An important part of make up no make up is skin care. On a daily basis, you need to make sure that your skin is properly moisturized so that it can express its natural glow. It is worth investing in high quality cosmetics with a good composition, such as a moisturizing day cream, a regenerating night cream or serum, a toner to soothe irritation and necessarily a nourishing mist

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