Stylish coats for winter that will highlight your personality
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Stylish coats for winter that will highlight your personality

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Snow outside the window and minus temperatures on the thermometer, clearly indicate that it is winter. Therefore, it is necessary to change clothes for warmer ones. The basis of winter closet is appropriate outer garment – down jacket or coat. How to find a perfect winter coat, which will be both warm and stylish?

Winter coat is usually a purchase for years, so it is worth treating it as an investment. In Poland, where the climate is cold for half of the year, dressing in warm clothes is the norm, so it is worth taking care of their good quality. The choice of coat should be well thought over, so that it emphasizes and expresses our style and personality

Winter coat – what should it be made of?

The first and most important thing to pay attention when choosing a winter coat is what the model is made of. What is the composition of the garment depends on whether it will be able to protect us from the cold and wind. The best choice are those made of natural fabrics, which are excellent at insulating heat, so under the coat we no longer need to put additional layers

Many people recommend woolen coats, because they work great in low temperatures. This may be evidenced by the fact that most of the Scandinavian closet is made of wool. Certainly a cheaper choice will be models made of cotton or viscose, but if we care about a good quality coat it is worth investing in one made of wool. An interesting choice, which will also work on winter days, is a cashmere coat

What should be the composition of the coat?

Should the coat contain 100% wool, or models that are made of mixed materials are also worth considering? It depends on what part of the coat is made of synthetic materials. If wool is only half of the composition, then it is not the best proposal. However, it is worth knowing that sometimes manufacturers decide to combine wool with polyamide or polyester, because thanks to this wool is not so biting and unpleasant to the touch

An advantage of combining wool with polyamide is also the fact that the coat will last longer, thanks to the fact that it is less puffed and deformed. If we find a piece, in which artificial materials constitute only a fraction of the entire composition, then it is worth considering its purchase. It is also worth remembering that the composition includes the lining, which is often made of viscose or cotton. Finding a coat with a good composition may be time-consuming, but it is worth looking for the perfect model in the offers of online stores. Sometimes a real shopping gem can be found in second hand stores

What length coat to choose for winter?

A good suggestion for the time of snow and frost is to buy a long coat to the knees or even to half calf. Thanks to such a model, a larger surface of the body will be protected from the cold and wind. However, this cut of outer garment is not suitable for every body type. Women of lower height should choose models of coats, which end slightly higher

An interesting proposal are fashionable oversized coats, which will look great in streetwear stylings. For those who prefer classic solutions, a classic straight coat, preferably tied with a belt at waist level, will be perfect. The color and pattern of the coat are very individual issues and depend on the preferences of the person who will wear the coat

Details and finishing of the coat

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, an equally important thing to look at when choosing a coat is to look at the trims and details. A winter coat consists of many elements, so you need to check them before buying to know if the workmanship is adequate to the price and if the model meets your expectations. The lining should be sewn properly, and no threads should stick out from the seams. It is especially important when we buy a more expensive coat, which should be made with more care and attention to detail. Details that improve the quality and comfort of wearing the coat are the spacing and arrangement of pockets.

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