Mineral cosmetics – find out their properties
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Mineral cosmetics – find out their properties

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Mineral cosmetics have been gaining a growing number of enthusiasts for several years. Mineral foundations and powders are characterized by durability and natural finish on the skin. They also do not contribute to irritation of even the most sensitive skin. This is only a fraction of the advantages of these cosmetics. What is worth knowing about them? What are their characteristics? Why should you pay attention to the ingredients?

Natural cosmetics are your contribution to being eco-friendly

The main advantage of mineral cosmetics is the fact that their composition does not contain any harmful or artificial substances. We are talking about preservatives and fragrances as well as parabens and dyes. This kind of products are usually based on pure minerals such as

  • illuminating mica, which helps you achieve a radiant look without having to reach for a highlighter. Thanks to a delicate mirror effect it optically reduces wrinkles,
  • zinc oxide with antibacterial and astringent properties will be especially appreciated by owners of oily and combination skin. Soothing properties help to soothe skin changes, additionally this ingredient supports fight against eczema,
  • titanium dioxide is a natural form of protection from the sun, it can be assumed that it corresponds to traditional sunscreens with a value of SPF 15.

Natural ingredients such as chromium, manganese and iron oxides are also responsible for pigmentation. It’s also a composition of natural ingredients that, when mixed properly, will create a dedicated shade to match your skin. This effect makes it easier to shop online when you don’t have access to samplers and testers.

Why is it important to remember this basic ingredient list?

Cosmetic companies often rely on the ignorance of consumers, who increasingly want to go for natural ingredients. In order not to fall prey to marketing tricks and eye-rolling with names like “minerals”, which have little to do with minerals – it is worth knowing how to distinguish a few basic ingredients that recur on the labels of mineral cosmetics. This way you will not be fooled and you will be sure that you are choosing products with a proven composition.

Your skin will love mineral cosmetics

No matter whether you have oily, dry or normal skin – the natural composition of ingredients will melt with your skin without creating an artificial mask effect. Thanks to their thick consistency, they are very efficient and opaque. You can also gradate the intensity of your make-up. If you have a problematic skin and want to unify its tone, it is enough to work on layers. After carefully applying the product on your skin, apply another portion of the cosmetic evenly and pat it in thoroughly. This will give you a satisfying spot-free result.

Learning how to apply properly is key

The initial step of applying mineral cosmetics can be tricky, especially if you haven’t used loose products before. With a little practice, however, you will develop a skilled application method that will allow you to apply your makeup in dark clothing without the risk of staining. The secret lies in both a skilled hand and a well-chosen brush. Some schools suggest applying with a wet brush (this can intensify the final effect), others recommend using the dry method. It’s up to you which form works better.

Test the effect of mineral cosmetics on yourself and enjoy a radiant look

Mineral cosmetics are definitely the right choice and a good alternative to drugstore products with chemical ingredients and tested on animals. Although they are usually more expensive products – their advantage is greater efficiency and a longer shelf life. Unlike cheap foundations, mineral cosmetics do not oxidize on the face. They will also be appreciated by owners of allergic and sensitive skin, thanks to their organic composition. This explains why these cosmetics are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists.

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