How to organize your dressing table? Essential tips and tricks
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How to organize your dressing table? Essential tips and tricks

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A dressing table is one of the most used accessories by women. It is where cosmetics, body care products and a collection of lipsticks, eye shadows or powders are stored. They are often unorganized and carelessly scattered. Here are a few tips to help you keep things tidy

First things first

If your dressing table is overflowing with products and you’re not sure what’s in there, pull everything out and throw away items you no longer use before organizing. Check the expiration date on each product because you definitely have things that have expired. It is very difficult to find unusable cosmetics in the clutter so use the dressing table organization process for that as well

The basic rules of dressing table organization

Once you’ve gone through all your products and thrown away some of the unused and expired ones, it’s time to organize your closet space. Before you start arranging your products, think about which ones you use most often and which ones you don’t need every day. Keep foundation, mascara, body lotion and face gel in easy-to-reach places and make room in the bottom or deeper drawers for items you only use once in a while

Divide your toiletries into categories

Now it’s finally time to work on your cosmetics. To organize your vanity, categorize all of your cosmetics by use. Separate everyday beauty products such as moisturizers and facial serums, light makeup and eye shadows, liners and lipsticks that are rarely used. Once you’ve categorized your items by use, it’s much easier to organize and find them in the morning. For our part, we recommend getting drawer dividers. This will make the inside of your drawers look more organised. You can label each divider so you know exactly what’s in it

Invest in organizers

If you don’t have a very big dressing table or you’re short on shelves, invest in organizers. They come in a variety of colors so it’s easy to match them to your interior. They’re convenient to use because they’re where you put your toiletries so they take up less space. You can put your daily beauty products in one basket and keep them out of sight. For colorful makeup, put it on a shelf and only pull it out when you need to. Organizers have a number of compartments so that smaller items don’t get lost and everything looks neat and tidy

Store cosmetics in smaller containers

Do you often buy products in larger containers? No wonder! They are cheaper and save time spent on shopping. Unfortunately, they are often impractical. Large micellar lotions take up more space, as do bath gels and body lotions. Fortunately, there is a way around this. You can transfer cosmetics in large containers to smaller bottles. We recommend buying small travel-sized containers for this purpose. They usually have a capacity of 100-150 ml, so they are handy and do not take up much space. Larger containers should be stored in a cupboard and refilled when needed

Don’t buy to spare

Who hasn’t been tempted by a special offer? Almost everyone has. If you want a fully organized dressing table, don’t stock up, even though it seems like a great option. Unfortunately, a sixth body lotion or eyeliner is a bad idea. Such purchases only make a mess in your dressing table, and you won’t use it up before the expiration date anyway. Also, try not to buy cosmetics under the influence of emotions and impulse. Such purchases usually end in a fiasco and the products will linger in a drawer for another year

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