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How to preserve memories? 5 creative inspirations

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You remember now, but in a while the memories may fade a bit. Want to hold on to them as long as possible? Use our ways, and thanks to them beautiful moments will always be with you. Here are some suggestions. Which one will appeal to you the most? Check it out!

Print photos

To begin with, the simplest way. Namely, the point is that nowadays we mainly take photos with our phones. We take hundreds, if not thousands of them. The disks in the computer are overflowing with photos from various more or less important events. However, there is nothing better than printed photos. So let’s choose the best frames and develop them. There are standard sizes to choose from, but small Polaroids will also work great. In addition, we can opt for a themed photo book, which is great to browse later. They come in a wide variety of themes, with additional captions and other decorations.

Decorate your albums 

Another way is to put the printed prints in albums. Personalize the cover of such an album according to your own preferences and skills. If inside are photos from a recent vacation, let’s prepare various accessories to make the cover truly holiday-like, if from holidays – festive, and so on.


Nothing prevents us from going a step further and decorating the individual pages of the album. On each of them we can glue colorful paper, ribbons, souvenir tickets from a concert or other event, newspaper clippings, postcards or ready-made scrapbooks (ready-made shapes and inscriptions cut out of paper), stickers, zircons, stamps, stamps, structural pastes or paper flowers. Scrapbooking gives us a huge range of possibilities, and it’s only up to us how we use it.

A box with memories

A treasure box always spices things up with thrill and excitement. So why not take the pleasure and have your own treasures? Let’s reach for a box or crate and put inside everything that evokes pleasant memories and associations. Then we can also decorate it any way we like – paint it with paints, glue beads, pompoms, strings, pieces of material and whatever we can think of. Each opening of such a box will be like a trip back in time.

Start a photoblog

A great way to preserve memories is also to keep an online diary. We can, of course, set up a blog or simply use a private account on Instagram. We put both photos and posts there, catching current emotions, reporting on a given moment. In this way, we can go back at any time and recall the emotions experienced. Let’s remember that no one needs to have access to them.

So which proposal appealed to you the most? Which one will you use at the next opportunity? One thing is certain – it’s really worth it to make sure you remember beautiful moments and return to them often!

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