Styling ideas for espadrilles

Styling ideas for espadrilles

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Espadrilles are shoes that are indispensably associated with summer. They bring to mind holiday trips, seaside towns and blissful relaxation. That is why they are the perfect base for summer stylizations. We wear them not only on vacations, but also in the city

Fashionable espadrilles for women are distinguished by the characteristic jute string sole. You can choose from a variety of proposals on a flat sole, multilayer platform or on a platform. Espadrilles also come with an open heel or with a decorative tie or clasp around the ankle. The colors most associated with espadrilles are shades of white, beige and black. Classic models are made of light, airy canvas. However, equally popular are those made of suede, leather and even openwork. They usually have a braided insert on the tip made of the same material as the sole. A popular alternative for years are also versions with a contrasting black front in the style of Chanel.

Espadrilles are feminine yet comfortable, stylish yet nonchalant. They combine all these features in a unique way, which makes them offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to styling. It is worth having them in your closet, because they match many summer clothes. You can easily choose a model that will suit your style.

Boho style

When we talk about espadrilles, boho style comes first, which also refers to nature. Best of all, they will enhance dresses in earthy colors, made of natural materials such as linen and cotton and with decorative accents such as openwork, embroidery, guipure and lace. They also go well with ethnic or floral patterns characteristic for boho style

To work

You can wear espadrilles to the office, as long as you choose a model with platform heels. You can create a stylish, elegant look by matching them with light colored fabric pants and a shirt

Elegant and feminine

Espadrilles on platforms are suitable even for a big night out. With the right choice of outfit and accessories, you can wear them to a family celebration or even to a wedding. To balance out their casual nature, opt for an elegant midi or maxi length dress or skirt. The style will be even more glamorous and feminine if you opt for the ankle-length model.

Urban style

Summer in the city? Pair espadrilles with skinny jeans, white or even other colors, like beige or khaki, for shopping or meeting friends. Complete your look with accessories, such as a basket bag, to emphasize the holiday character of your outfit. In this case, espadrilles on flat soles or platforms are perfect.

Like the French

French women love espadrilles! They wear them with airy dresses and skirts with polka dots, tiny flowers or gingham checks. With their girly outfits, espadrilles on flat soles are a great alternative to ballerinas in summer

Holiday, but stylish

Espadrilles also go well with shorts. They look as good with fabric shorts in neutral colors as with frayed denim shorts. The second set will be more elegant if you wear a white shirt on top. It looks great loose or tied at the waist. You may look more urban and less beach-going if you opt for the leather model.

Wear with black

Although we tend to wear bright colors more often in summer than in fall and winter, we do not give up on black altogether. When opting for this color, choose black espadrilles or light ones with a contrasting black insert. Black clothes that will look good with espadrilles are, for example, long cotton dresses, short open-work skirts, midi length buttoned dresses or jeans tubes

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