What music helps you concentrate and work?
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What music helps you concentrate and work?

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Many people work remotely and perform their duties from a home office. Working from home can be very disruptive for some. However, there are proven methods and practices that will make focusing on your work responsibilities come easier. One popular way that people recommend for home office is to play yourself a playlist of music, classical music is the most commonly recommended. However, some people find it easier to focus on their work with slightly more upbeat sounds

Music, especially when properly selected, can be a great way to be productive and have a high level of concentration while working. Favorite songs can be a great motivation to diligently perform your duties. Especially in creative work, where creative ideas and solutions are needed, music can be an interesting source of inspiration. What kind of music works best for you?

Does music help you to concentrate at work?

Listening to your favorite music is a very enjoyable activity. This is because the brain releases dopamine, the so-called happy hormone, during this process. That’s why motivation experts recommend listening to your favorite track, especially when you’re in a slump during work. Good music can be a better stimulation than drinking a cup of aromatic coffee

Listening to music has a positive impact on our productivity especially when we perform repetitive and monotonous tasks. Studies show that we make fewer mistakes and are more accurate at work. However, if your job requires more advanced thinking and more complex tasks, music can interfere. When learning and assimilating new knowledge, listening to music can also be distracting

What kind of music promotes concentration at work?

There are a bunch of ready-made playlists on the internet that offer music dedicated to work, to study or to relax. They aim to influence the listener’s mind to be focused and concentrated on the tasks at hand. However, everyone is different and therefore choosing the right music for work is a very individual matter. Some people can only work with classical music. The theory of the “Mozart effect” says that the symphonies of this great composer improve spatial abilities, help to react faster to stimuli and make better decisions. This can be a great playlist for people who are professional drivers

Many people say that the perfect music for work is that used in games and movies. Such background music is usually designed to keep the listener’s attention on the action, so it can be an interesting aid while working. Nature lovers like to do their chores to the sound of the forest, the sound of waves or the sound of a mountain stream. For some, they actually help with work, while for others they have a sleep-inducing effect

How loud should I play music at work?

The music you listen to while doing your job should not be too loud. It should be more of a background. When doing physical work, loud music can be a big plus. It energizes us and makes us feel better. In case of mental tasks, where concentration is important, it is better not to make our work difficult with loud music. In such cases it is better to listen to music very quietly or work in silence

Many people choose to listen to music through headphones while working. This can be a great way to focus deeply on tasks and not be distracted by outside sounds. Listening to music through headphones does not disturb other employees or household members who are in the same room with you. This is a great solution, especially since there are many models of wireless headphones available in stores that are very comfortable and have excellent sound quality.

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