Interior design à la Gucci? Now it is possible! See interior designs inspired by fashion brand
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Interior design à la Gucci? Now it is possible! See interior designs inspired by fashion brand

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Strong colors, floral patterns, animal prints, eclecticism – in the designs of the Italian fashion house Gucci you can dress not only yourself, but also your home. For this purpose, unique furniture and interior accessories have been created.

From a small store to a fashion empire

Gucci is an Italian fashion house founded in 1921 in Florence by Guccio Gucci, who first dealt with the sale of luggage and then with the production of leather riding accessories. Eventually, he began creating handbags. Over the years, the Gucci Bamboo handbag with a bamboo handle, but also the floral scarf and moccasins became cult designs.

Of course, there have been problems along the way. Some family members were overwhelmed with running the business – by this time, Gucci had become one of the most recognizable and sought-after brands in the United States. Some also began to wonder if products with the Italian logo were still exclusive in this situation.

Gucci was eventually sold, and Tom Ford took over as creative director. From his hand emerged feminine and sexy designs, which are dressed by stars on the red carpet. Then he was replaced by Frida Gianinni, refreshing, among other things, the famous Gucci Bamboo and creating more it-bags, or the most desirable models.

Currently, since 2015, this position is occupied by Alessandro Michele, who definitely departed from the previous style of the great fashion house. As it turned out – with great success.

What are the designs of Gucci?

The current creative director of Gucci can not be denied imagination. His designs are eclectic, exaggerated and very original. Sometimes they can surprise with the combination of materials, textures or patterns. It was Alessandro Michele, for example, who designed the embroidered jackets or satin bomber jackets worn for a night out.

It should also be emphasized that Gucci campaigns are known around the world and effectively overturn stereotypes circulating in the fashion world. They effectively show that their designs can be worn by women of all ages, including seniors. Gucci is very distinctive from other brands. Alessandro Michele mixes bold colors, combines comic books with painting, introduces grandmotherly and retro atmosphere. He shows that actually everything can be combined.

Gucci Décor – there has never been such interiors before

The rich history of the Italian fashion house and the creative director’s unconventional approach have made Gucci not only clothes and accessories, but also furniture and interior accessories. Gucci has definitely stepped out of the box, offering glamour and intense colors, mainly candy pink, blue, green and maroon. The new collection presents richly decorated wallpapers, candlesticks with bees, butterflies and snakes, and caskets.

Not to be left out are the shell-shaped jacquard armchairs, which are inspired by 1950s Hollywood style. They are available in several colors with embroidered owls and flowers, so beloved by Alessandro Michele. Pillows with floral and animal motifs, blankets with fringes and bedspreads also attract attention. That’s not all. Within the framework of Gucci Décor, porcelain tableware – plates, saucers and cups – was also designed and manufactured with the greatest care.

We must admit that interior design in the Gucci edition is really impressive, but it is not for everyone. Just as we do not have to be dressed head to toe in Gucci designs, so it is with our home. A great idea is to introduce at least one element of this brand – a piece of furniture or accessory. It will surely draw attention of others and introduce an air of freshness, elegance and luxury. In spite of appearances, designs with Gucci logo will find themselves in various arrangements – in glamour, modern, industrial, classic and even boho interiors.

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