3 things to look for when choosing garden chairs
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3 things to look for when choosing garden chairs

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It is hard to imagine summer without deckchairs. They work well not only on the beach or by the pool, but also on the terrace, in the garden and even on the balcony. A deckchair is basically synonymous with comfort and relaxation on vacation. However, for this, we need to choose a sun lounger that meets certain criteria and of course suits our individual needs. Here are 3 important things to look out for when buying the perfect deckchair.

A material that will withstand the harshness of the weather while still fitting in with your furnishings

The first criterion when choosing a deckchair should be the material it is made of. Its quality, durability and weather resistance are of paramount importance. Unprotected wood or low-quality plastic will result in a short lifespan and unattractive appearance after a short period of use. In addition, garden deck chairs should blend aesthetically with the rest of your patio furniture. Therefore, the choice of material should be coordinated with the rest of the garden furniture or create a composition of different, but aesthetically compatible materials.

If you go for classic and elegant, a good choice will be a lounger made of exotic acacia wood or a large, comfortable lounger made of technorattan. If you prefer minimalism, simplicity and modern style, you will like a deckchair made of aluminium or synthetic resin, both with upholstery such as Batyline or Textilene, which is flexible, durable and breathable.

Adjustable backrests for maximum comfort

If you want maximum comfort, you should choose a recliner with an adjustable backrest. This makes it easy for you to adjust the recliner and backrest position to your individual preferences and current needs, such as for sunbathing or reading.

Other features that contribute to the comfort of the recliner are soft cushions (a thick enough upholstery sponge), an extra headrest or simply the material the recliner is upholstered with. In the latter case, it is important that the material is breathable and perforated to prevent sweating and eliminate the risk of uncomfortable skin sticking to the upholstery.

Wheels and folding capabilities determine the functionality of the lounger

Folding legs or the ability to fold the entire deckchair allows you to conveniently store your equipment both in season and in winter. Foldable legs or the ability to fold the entire deckchair make it easy to store your equipment, both in season and in winter. Castors make it easy to move the deckchair and place it exactly where you want.

The functionality of the solution is also enhanced by the possibility to remove and wash the covers for the cushions or to stack the deckchairs if we plan to buy more.

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