Fall styles with sneakers
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Fall styles with sneakers

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Sneakers have made a revolution in fashion. They are more and more popular, so we do not have to choose whether we will wear comfortable or nice shoes. Sports shoes are also perfect as a complement to autumn outfits.

How to create styles?

Sneakers are shoes good for almost every occasion. However, not every model of sports shoes will match with specific clothes. When creating a styling with such shoes, remember first of all to keep the right proportions between elements of an outfit.

High-top sneakers worn with a midi skirt may shorten legs, but the platform shoes may optically lengthen legs of shorter women.

Casual styles

In autumn, we often reach for clothes in muted colors. In this case, shoes with a bold, neon color are perfect. They look best with classic jeans or a small black dress. The safest option is to go for plain shoes in one color or a combination of neutral colors. White and black sneakers are easy to mix and match without dominating your outfit. Total looks are still in fashion. So if you like a certain color, go for pants, a sweater or a sweatshirt and sneakers in the same shade.

Sneakers with pants

You can go from chic to casual for an autumn outfit. It is advisable to opt for slim-leg pants so that the shoes are as visible as possible. For casual outfits, sneakers can be worn with leggings or 7/8 pants. White shoes should be matched with a brown long coat. This is an interesting combination, even with elegant pants.

Styling with dresses and skirts

Sporty shoes to complete such outfits are also a hit in the autumn season. Sneakers look great with maxi, midi or mini dresses. With the latter you can confidently wear ankle boots, without worrying about the visual shortening of the legs. Pleated skirt, plain T-shirt, sneakers and down jacket are a very interesting proposition for autumn styling. Wear a warm sweater with the skirt.

Sneakers go well with tracksuit dresses, knitwear and jeans. When it comes to outerwear, we have no choice – both warmer jacket with a sporty cut and more elegant coat will look good. Sneakers below the ankle should be matched with tulle skirt and leather jacket. Such styling is a solution for rock fans.

Shoes perfect for autumn

Love Moschino sneakers are a perfect addition to autumn outfits. We can choose high ankle boots, for example brown or black, which will look good with pants and dresses, for every occasion.

For colder days, when a hat and scarf are a must, go for sneakers in a bolder color or pattern. For example, brown coat, black scarf and hat combined with light pink shoes will create a perfect outfit for different occasions.

For fans of combining styles, an interesting proposition may be sporty sweatshirt, tailored pants, classic white sneakers and light brown coat. This is an unconventional but good-looking solution.

White shoes go with almost all outfits. You can wear them to work or university, as well as to a meeting with friends. With a coat in a fashionable checkered pattern or with a leather jacket, they can create interesting outfits.

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