Outdoor wedding – what to wear?

Outdoor wedding – what to wear?

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A wedding that takes place outside is an amazing experience. However, you need to consider the weather conditions when choosing your outfits. We present interesting ideas for styling suitable for all weather conditions

Low-cut dresses

Outside, the temperature can be unpredictable. In the evening, even in summer, it often gets colder. So a good choice would be a maxi dress. Recently it is very popular at weddings. It is chosen by women of all ages. It will work both for sunny weather and for a little cooler. It is available in many colors and patterns. Looks great with different types of sandals. It goes well with those on a heel, as well as on a flat sole. These dresses will also look good with stilettos. They are recommended especially for shorter ladies. Don’t be afraid to wear a long dress if you are short. A pair of elevated shoes will suffice and the outfit will still look great

Boho style dresses are perfect for an outdoor wedding. They very often have lace accents and ruffles. They also often come in floral patterns. They are extremely light and graceful. Do not be afraid to bet on interesting colors. This is a perfect place to experiment with them, even if you like black every day. Our suggestions include shades of blue, bottle green, red, purples and browns

Low-cut dresses are also extremely elegant. There are not too many occasions to wear them. Also, a wedding is a perfect circumstance. Strapless creations with cut-out backs also look good. Asymmetrical elements are also fashionable, for example, a belt on one shoulder. Be careful that the dress is not too long. Then it will get dirty easily and will be very impractical

Midi dresses

A midi dress is the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. Most women look very good in them. They are classic and timeless. Recently they have come back into favor. Suitable will be those with a flared bottom or with a more fitted one. Choose pleats, asymmetry or delicate patterns. There are also lace options. Often seen this season are satin midi dresses. Most often they appear here in a version with thin straps. They go perfectly with longer, oversized jackets. Match with higher heeled or stiletto sandals. Together with a small handbag on a belt or a chain, they will make a great outfit. Long-sleeved jackets also look good. If the wedding takes place in summer, opt for a lighter and airy material

This length is also good for ladies with larger size. A dress for a plus size wedding can also look great. Don’t be afraid to check out different cuts. Try to fit it well according to your posture. It should not be too big or too tight. Also, make sure that the dress has a waistline. Then it will not add extra pounds. An elastic band sewn into the waist emphasizes the silhouette well

Women’s suit

An interesting solution for the wedding is also a suit. It is a very comfortable option. Such sets are very stylish and bold. They come in different cuts and shades. They look good with high-heeled shoes. Then they emphasize legs and give you confidence. Choose a jacket and pants in one color. A jacket and trousers of the same colour create a harmonious outfit. Long, wide-legged versions look great. Longer jackets are also fashionable. Longer jackets are also fashionable. They protect you from the cold in bad weather. You can always take it off so go for a casual blouse. Match the suit with suitable accessories and jewelry

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