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Color visualization as a way to reduce stress

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From red, to yellow, to green, to purple and white – imagining these colors can help you relax and unwind. We explain what this technique is all about.

Stress is our almost daily companion. It can be triggered by many factors – the situation at home, at school, at work, during activities, when going out shopping. In fact, anything can create uncertainty and tension.

It is worth using simple relaxation techniques that will allow you to relax and get away from unnecessary nerves. One of them is color visualization. Sounds mysterious? We already explain! Colors have a big influence on our mood. There is a reason why we choose particular shades of walls, accessories, or individual items of clothing. They also help to dissolve stress.

To begin, assume a comfortable position (lie on your back or sit in an armchair with your head slightly tilted), relax and close your eyes, imagining how the successive colors fill your body. Breathing deeply, start with red, orange, then visualize yellow, green, blue, and finally violet and white – repeat this always in the same order, allocating at least 30 seconds for each of them.

Such an exercise allows you to effectively relax and improve your concentration. It works – see for yourself!

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