New York style – how to introduce it into the interior?
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New York style – how to introduce it into the interior?

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Elegant, stylish and full of charm. This is how, in just a few words, we can describe the extremely charming style. What’s more, it’s based on classic elements, so it’s also timeless. Find out how to introduce New York style to your interior.

New York style seduces with elegance and class. There is a lot of glitz and glamour, but at the same time everything is in good taste.

What should you pay attention to when arranging your interior?

This style is far from minimalism. There is a lot going on in New York interiors, from the number of furniture pieces and accessories to the variety of patterns and colors. However, what is most important is the high quality of materials. Therefore, when choosing furniture, flooring or accessories, be sure to pay attention to the aesthetics of their manufacture, as well as the type of raw materials used.

The style is dominated by classic forms of furniture, thanks to which the interior is elegant and timeless. Moreover, armchairs, sofas and pouffes are usually upholstered with velvet or velvet fabrics, which gives them a luxurious finish. Quilting is also worth noticing, which additionally increases the prestige of the interior.

The room should also not lack an elegant carpet with a Moroccan pattern, a glass or marble coffee table with an intriguing design or panoramic windows with curtains made of good materials.

It is also worth paying attention to the symmetry of the rooms. Most often there are two sofas set opposite each other, two coffee tables or lamps set on both sides of the room.

Colors in New York style

This is not an easy style of arrangement. The interiors should be dominated by noble, but varied colors. This means that about 70% of the room is the base color, and 20% is complementary. 10 percent are the so-called counterpoints, or contrasts. Most often they are reserved for interesting trinkets and accessories such as a vase or pillows.

The dominant colors in the interiors are most often ecru, gray, beige, powder pinks, but there are also bold and expressive arrangements involving emerald, burgundy, mint or purple.

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