The Loose Jacket – 5 Ways to Style It Uniquely

The Loose Jacket – 5 Ways to Style It Uniquely

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There are such elements of clothing, which every woman should obligatorily have in her closet. One of them is a loose jacket, which is versatile – it will work in almost any situation and fits every woman.

White and black T-shirt, jeans, black pants, elegant dress, beige trench – it is said that styles should be built on these elements and you cannot do without them. This is true, but undoubtedly the absolute must-have of every closet is a loose jacket. Why? First of all, it is not only the hottest hit of this season, but also has many advantages. It perfectly masks the flaws of a woman’s figure – wide hips, lack of a waistline or a protruding belly – which will surely make many of us happy. Moreover, it is also very comfortable, with no pressure under the armpits, no pressure on the waist and no binding.

The oversize jacket can be worn in many ways, depending on individual style and preferences. You should remember that it should fit well on your shoulders, otherwise the whole style may look exaggerated and unattractive.

Such clothes look best unbuttoned – then they slenderize the silhouette. Shorter people should choose models reaching maximally to half hips. An interesting effect can be achieved by tying the jacket with a belt at the waist and rolling up the sleeves. The belt can be replaced with the ultra-trendy satchels and kidneys.

Street style

Street style is all about comfort and ease. Here comfort is the most important thing, therefore natural materials such as cotton and linen are the most important. They are pleasant to touch, fit well and at the same time can withstand a lot and are not so easy to destroy.

A great example is the combination of a loose jacket with a hooded sweatshirt or a large turtleneck. This combination seems unobvious, but looks very casual, nonchalant and fashionable at the same time. We recommend choosing jackets in different shades of grey or with patterns, which will match most of your outfits.


The oversize jacket looks great with sporty outfits. Especially great with loose pants or boyfriends and a matching top or your favourite T-shirt. Complete this look with sneakers or sneakers. Add a bag or a pouch and you are done. You can also go crazy with the color – intense fuchsia, red or green are totally on trend!


Of course, it is hard not to mention the classic approach to the jacket, which is the perfect complement to an outfit for a night out, but also for a business meeting or for work, when a more formal outfit is needed. It can be easily combined not only with pants, but also with dresses and skirts of various lengths, including maxi. The icing on the cake are heels – sandals, pumps or boots – which emphasize the elegant character of the outfit.

The loose jacket can also be an element of a suit, matched with pants of the same color and a white shirt. This look is very professional.


The oversize jacket is an element of your outfit that goes well with all casual outfits. You can wear it from morning till evening. Go well with moccasins, jazz shoes, boots or boots.

Can be easily matched with jeans of any cut – from skinny jeans to bell-bottoms, as well as with leather pants or skirts. It is also a good idea to put it on a denim shirt and a thin sweater. Top it off with a large, urban handbag that will hold all your essentials, or a smaller one slung across your body.


Retro style lovers should equip their closet with a loose jacket in a check pattern styled, for example, for the 60s and in unobvious colors (blue, brown, yellow, pink) or with buffets or shoulder pads. A retro look can be created with loose palazzo pants and a double-breasted jacket.

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