First steps on YouTube. How to create your own channel and start recording?

First steps on YouTube. How to create your own channel and start recording?

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The number of YouTubers is increasing, more and more people would like to try their hand at this industry. How to start recording and gain a steady stream of viewers?

The best YouTubers make huge amounts of money. Not surprisingly, there is a growing number of people who would like to try their hand at running their own channel. Just setting up a channel is not difficult, but getting thousands of viewers is quite a feat. Is there a recipe for success?

Youtuber – who is it?

Before we start recording anything, we need to know who a Youtuber really is. This is, of course, a person who records a video on some topic (one specific one or many different ones – depending on the idea) and uploads it to his platform. A YouTuber can treat such activity as a normal job or, on the contrary, as an excellent hobby and great fun. A YouTuber can certainly be called one who publishes content regularly.

How to become a YouTuber?

Before you set up your channel, you need to look for your niche, i.e. the topic that the content you record will be about. It can be anything, the important thing is that we feel good in this area, then it will be easier to record anything. It’s a good idea to be up-to-date on the topic and determine for ourselves what our goal is in creating the content.

Next, you should think about who you want to create for. Determining the target audience is basic. It is also necessary to think about who our audience is likely to be, whether it is children, teenagers who love to play games or, on the contrary, seniors who are interested in gardening. Determining the audience will help provide answers regarding what they gain by watching the content we record.

It is also important to know the competition. It is worth bearing in mind that it will be difficult to stand out in a topic that is “milled”, i.e. there are many channels that cover it. 

Create your channel

When creating a channel, you should put in a lot of work. It should be tailored to our personality, so that the recorded video will harmonize with the whole. You should come up with an interesting but also not too complicated channel name, create a logo and match the colors. You also need to complete a description and provide contact information. 

Then upload your first video. When recording it, we need to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing. It is worthwhile for the videos to be of similar length. Videos should be well thought out, and it’s worth planning ahead. They should be about the content that potential viewers will be looking for. It is important to plan the recording and topic of a given video in advance, then we will avoid randomness.

Once the channel is up and running, it is worth thinking about how to promote it. You can buy advertising on YouTube, create guest appearances or establish partnerships with other Youtubers. It is also important to take care of each new viewer and respond to comments and questions.

What does a Youtuber earn?

There is a lot of talk about the hundreds of thousands that Youtubers earn. Where does this money come from? First of all, from advertising, affiliate sales and sales of their own goods, including those advertising the platform. You can also get money from crowdfunding, i.e. joining sites like Patreon, and creating sponsored content and licensing content. As you can see – there are plenty of methods.

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