Learn to sew. Discover your new skills!

Learn to sew. Discover your new skills!

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You dream of beautiful handbags, perfectly tailored clothes or original home accessories – start sewing! This is the perfect job, which will release a lot of creativity and passion in you. We will show you how to start this new adventure. When buying clothes, you cannot change the material of the blouse you like or the color of the shirt or the cut of the pants. Sewing gives you a lot of possibilities. However, many of us are afraid of the first clash with the sewing machine. Don’t be. Just approach it with a head and do not get discouraged when something does not work out.

Sewing does not come by itself – you just have to learn it. We suggest what to pay attention to, so that this adventure did not end after the first failed attempt. It is worth to gain this skill and create clothes perfectly tailored to your figure and personality or handbags, in which every detail will be carefully thought out and made.

Start with a project

Even before taking the first threads in your hand, think about what you actually want to sew. Try drawing a design on a piece of paper. Remember that in order to run, you first have to learn to walk, so don’t jump right into making a dress or a coat. Start with simple things like pillowcases, napkins, scarves, or small alterations to your shirts. Learning the basics is important in tailoring, and once you’ve mastered them, you can confidently take it a step further and take on slightly more difficult pieces.

Get advice from an experienced person

Invaluable support at the very beginning will be the opportunity to talk to an experienced seamstress, watching their techniques, skills and “familiarity” with materials, machinery, designs and patterns.

It is great if you can find such a person in your area. However, if you cannot count on this, then a great solution is to take a professional course in cutting and sewing. There are both a few hours and a few tens of hours available on the market. It all depends on what skills you currently have and what knowledge you want to acquire.

You should be aware that it is really hard to learn everything on your own at home or only by watching tutorials on the Internet. Learning under the supervision of a professional is invaluable – he will pay attention to your technique, teach you how to use the machine and other tools, reveal and explain the secrets of stitches and patterns, as well as how to deal with fabrics, knitwear, etc. In short – he will give you a lesson in sewing. In short – will simply provide you with the necessary knowledge, so that you can enjoy sewing and created products.

Sewing machine and … what else is needed?

Completing the necessary tools, despite appearances, does not have to start with the sewing machine. There will come a time for it later, when you already gain a bit of skill. At the beginning you can easily manage without it.

What you need for sure is thread – necessarily in universal colors such as white, beige and black. If necessary, you can always buy missing shades. Remember also that they should be strong and durable. Better not waste money on discount ones, because they are often of really poor quality.

Next, you will need sewing scissors – ordinary ones are not suitable, as they can unnecessarily fray the material – and a tailor’s tape measure, with which you will make the necessary measurements. You can also not forget about the spare bobbins and needles of different thickness, because the ones mounted in the machine can unfortunately be easily bent or broken.

In many cases you will be saved by safety pins and pins – you will be able to fasten several layers of material or pin the pattern to the material without any problems. It’s also a good idea to get some chalk or soap to write on the fabric – choose specialty ones that won’t leave marks.

Last but not least, get yourself a lockstitch presser – this will deal with any misaligned seams and speed up mending time – and, of course, an iron to iron stitches and smooth out the fabric to give it its final shape. Ironed clothes or textiles will look much better than creased ones.

Practice on… a sheet

Let’s not kid ourselves, your first projects will probably have a lot of flaws, and you’ll make some mistakes along the way. So don’t invest in high quality materials. Just use old sheets, curtains, fabric scraps for practice. You can also go to a second-hand store for the material. This way you will not spend unnecessary money and you will be able to learn and try new things at will. Only practice will make you a master of sewing.

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