Ideas for autumn/winter photo shoots

Ideas for autumn/winter photo shoots

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Colorful leaves or maybe white fluff? Autumn and winter auras look magical – on the one hand pleasant, warm colors, on the other frosty, sparkling. Both seasons give a lot of room for manoeuvre and it is worth getting carried away, preparing amazing outdoor scenes. We present a handful of inspirations that you can use for your autumn/winter photo sessions.

Outdoor photo session – a wonderful souvenir for years to come

Cameras allow us to capture special moments forever. Sessions in the studio are beautiful, but it is worth to go a step further and decide on the outdoor. The natural surroundings can be fabulous and give the photos a completely different character. Everything is important here – the light, weather, and even the time. Family, children, pregnancy or wedding sessions in such conditions are definitely a hit.

An autumn/winter photo session – inspirations

Photo shoots done in the fall and winter have their own charm. Cooler weather conditions give us an opportunity to dress in an interesting way, using layers and various accessories. This is the time when we can let our imagination run wild and play with the styling. Here are our suggestions for a photo shoot.

Forest, park, or square

One of the must-have settings that immediately comes to mind when thinking about an autumn/winter photo shoot is nature and trees. Depending on the season, we can have yellow, orange and red leaves or frozen and snow-bound branches. If you want dynamic photos in motion, you can toss the leaves like confetti or blow snow fluff. A perfect background will be an alley, a fallen tree trunk or a bench. This type of outdoor can look magical and take us to a completely different reality. You can use it in literally every session.

In the rain or snow

An original and non-standard arrangement can be achieved by taking pictures in the rain or snow. You can use a transparent umbrella or wellingtons, but it is the falling drops or snowflakes that will play a significant role. Such scenery will be perfect for both elegant and funny photo shoots.

Intriguing fog

In autumn and winter we often have very foggy mornings, which is definitely worth capturing in photographs. Fog gives an amazing effect and makes a great impression. The whole styling and landscape then have something dark and mysterious. You can decide on a typical urban photos, surrounded by buildings, or go to a body of water. The fog hovering over the river or lake looks really phenomenal.

In the glow of Christmas illuminations

In winter we can not always wait for the snow, but in many cities there are Christmas illuminations. It is worth to immortalize them on the photos and give a Christmas atmosphere even in non-standard conditions.

Pumpkin farm, or maybe Christmas tree plantation

At the end there are propositions perfect especially for family and children sessions. We are talking about the pumpkin farm in autumn and the Christmas tree plantation in winter. If you have them in your area, do not hesitate to take photos there. Pumpkins and trees are very impressive and will be not only a great background, but also an interesting prop.


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