4 basic types of the female figure. Do you know what figure you have?
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4 basic types of the female figure. Do you know what figure you have?

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What body type do I have? – this question, like a mantra, many women ask themselves. Get to know the basic types of figures and determine your own – this knowledge is the first step to perfect appearance.

Although there are many guides available on the Internet, which are supposed to help us in defining our figure type, a lot of women still can’t recognize their figure type. On the one hand, it’s no wonder, because there are many divisions and every now and then new names and classifications defining our silhouettes appear. However, it is worth remembering that the analysis of the silhouette type begins on the basis of body features.

The apple figure

This type of figure is characterized primarily by a large bust, fairly wide hips and slightly more powerful shoulders and the so-called lack of a waistline. In comparison with the rest of the figure legs are quite slim and small. Unfortunately, owners of this figure often have a tendency to put on weight. Choosing the wrong clothes can make them look a bit grotesque and much shorter than they really are. Therefore, ladies with an apple silhouette should rather avoid wearing sweaters and blouses with turtlenecks and tunics (blouses to mid-thigh), because these parts of clothing will optically enlarge the already ample breasts.

This type of figure will be emphasized by knitted fabrics, and dresses with a simple cut beautifully slenderize the body. It is also worth having a wide belt, which will emphasize the waist. An example of this type of figure is a well-known American TV presenter and producer, Oprah Winfrey, who many times used different types of belts to slim and accentuate her waist.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped women have narrow and small shoulders, small breasts and very rounded (making them appear more powerful) thighs and hips. With this type of figure it is necessary to focus on slimming thighs and hips. Voluminous blouses, especially those with V-shaped necklines, will be unfavorable for the figure. It is much better to bet on those with buffet sleeves, or three/quarter sleeves. To conceal hips, wear flared skirts and dresses. Definitely avoid minis and knee-length models. Heels make the silhouette look slimmer. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez loves bell-bottomed pants, which optically slim her hips and lengthen her figure. American celebrity Kim Kardashian also has a pear-shaped figure. The star has made her rounded hips and thighs her asset and is associated with them.

Rectangle Figure

The shoulders and hips of ladies who have this type of figure are of equal width, the waistline is only slightly outlined, even invisible, and the thighs are an extension of the hip line

It is easy to achieve a boyish or even masculine silhouette, because women with a rectangular figure have the most prominent shoulders. Long sleeves, both narrow and slightly flared, are worth liking. Women of this figure should avoid blouses with puff sleeves and those with thin shoulder straps. A deep V-shaped neckline optically emphasizes the waist. When choosing dresses, avoid straight and fitted models, as they make the figure look heavier. For example, the Hollywood actress Keira Knightley can be seen at .

Hourglass figure

Hourglass, also known as the two inverted triangle type, is certainly the most desirable women’s figure. Many say that it is sensual and feminine. What are its characteristics? Full hips and bust and a narrow waist. Most ladies with this type of figure have no problems choosing clothes, because their silhouette is proportional

Although this type of figure seems ideal, it is possible to “overload” the figure with clothes. To avoid this, it is worth avoiding dresses cut off under the bust, because they unnecessarily hide the waist. Asymmetric and too short skirts and slacks will not necessarily look good either. If you choose shoes with heels, you may optically make your figure look slimmer. The popular singer Beyonce has this figure type. She knows exactly how to show off her best assets and exude sex appeal with a well-fitted outfit.

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