Puzzles – why do they improve mood and are gymnastics for the mind?
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Puzzles – why do they improve mood and are gymnastics for the mind?

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This is excellent entertainment for the whole family! Puzzles exercise our memory, teach teamwork and develop manual dexterity. And this is not all their advantages. Find out why puzzles improve well-being and are gymnastics for the mind!

Puzzles are an excellent form of fun, not only for the youngest. These inconspicuous pictures, which ultimately create an impressive image, consist of a varying number of elements, depending on the degree of difficulty and the age of the assemblers. Very often people who put together these difficult puzzles, consisting of even a thousand elements, stick them on paper and frame them, creating beautiful decorations in their home interiors

Is it worth putting together a jigsaw puzzle? How does solving them affect our brain?

Puzzles are excellent gymnastics for the mind. Jigsaw puzzles have a very good influence on the work of our brain, which brings us many benefits

What exactly is the effect of arranging puzzles on our brain? As it is commonly known human brain consists of two hemispheres – left and right, and each of them is responsible for something else. The right hemisphere is responsible for our emotions, creativity and intuition, while the left hemisphere is logical and rational and works in a linear fashion, meaning it takes care of every detail. While putting the puzzle together both hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously. This is a wonderful activity that activates them. Then we are dealing with the constant activity of thoughts, which stimulate the gray cells, which increases their capacity, and as a result affects the efficiency and good form of our brain.

By solving puzzles you have a positive impact on your health!

Did you know that people who solve puzzles and brain teasers from an early age, and most importantly lead an active lifestyle, reduce their chances of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases? What diseases are we talking about? These include Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and other conditions characteristic of old age

Why is jigsaw puzzles an activity that our brain likes so much? Because the human brain produces organic chemicals such as dopamine, which is responsible for learning and remembering. When we give our brains a creative activity, such as putting together a puzzle, the production of dopamine increases significantly

What are the benefits of doing puzzles?

There is a whole plethora of them, because solving puzzles allows us to fully concentrate, significantly increases our concentration and of course develops our creativity. In the process of putting together sometimes thousands of elements, from which the picture is to be formed, our brain learns the technique of visualization. When we think about matching subsequent parts of the puzzle, we work not only mentally, but also physically, and thus jigsaw puzzles have an indirect good effect on our physical state, because it balances breathing and blood pressure

Let’s not forget that arranging puzzles is first of all great fun. Jigsaw puzzles teach patience, concentration skills and exercise memory. Depending on what image or pattern a child arranges with the puzzles, this puzzle may help him e.g. learn the names of animals, letters or recognize elements of nature. If you want your child to learn about the world through play and educate at the same time, invest in puzzles! It is thanks to the necessity to match individual elements that the child exercises manual dexterity of hands, as he/she has to precisely press one puzzle piece into another one in order for the picture from the box to be formed

Putting the puzzles together integrates. Both children and adults often find it difficult to communicate on many issues, and jigsaw puzzles teach teamwork. Putting them together is a great way to spend free time with family and friends

Main photo: Ann H from Pexels

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