How to sew a mask? You will find hints in these tutorials!

How to sew a mask? You will find hints in these tutorials!

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You don’t need a sewing machine or sewing skills to sew a mask perfect not only for yourself, but for the whole family, including children. It is not as difficult as it may seem!

Masks – an everyday duty

Coronavirus pandemic has overturned lives of people in many countries, also in Poland. The government introduced the obligation to cover mouth and nose in public space a few months ago. Suddenly, overnight, protective masks became a scarce commodity in pharmacies, along with disinfectants and disposable gloves.

It turns out that you do not have to buy a new pack of masks every now and then, because you can make them yourself. What is more, they will be reusable – you just have to take care of them regularly. This is undoubtedly a much more economical solution, but also more environmentally friendly, because we do not produce so much garbage every day.

Masks are not as scary as they say they are

Additionally, masks have become an element of our styling, an accessory, like a handbag or earrings. Leading the way are black masks, which are the most versatile and fit into any styling and occasion. However, many people also decide on other colors or prints.

Material protective masks are sewn not only by smaller factories and companies, but also by the largest fashion houses in the world. Wearing masks is furthermore promoted not only in online ads but also on television by global brands.

It does not take much effort to sew a mask. It can be in any color and pattern. For yourself, you can choose fabric with dots, flowers or printed lips or other graphics. Children, on the other hand, will be happy with cartoon characters, toy cars, teddy bears and other motifs. Here are some tutorials to help you make great masks.

Remember that if you decide to make them yourself, you have an influence not only on how they will look like but also on their size. Sometimes the ones you buy come in standard sizes, which can be way too big if you have a small face, or just too small. By sewing a mask with your own hands, you have full control over this.

The tutorial has already had almost 11 million views since its release date of April 6, 2020. This number clearly shows that really a lot of people want to learn how to sew a mask.

Marlena shows in a very accessible way how to make it in three sizes – S, M and L – with a pocket where you can put removable inserts. Her designs are made of cotton material and elastic band – and all this without using a sewing machine. Such masks can be easily washed and ironed many times. Nothing will happen to them.

The result of almost 5 million views since September 17 is also very impressive. This tutorial shows a completely different way of sewing a mask.

As the author assures, making such a mask takes literally three minutes and is trivially easy even for beginners. This proposal is also for people who do not have and do not use a sewing machine.

Next, the protective mask project was presented by Milita Nikonorov. This is a very polished and thorough tutorial, with a lot of work put into it to make it easy and fun.

Here the sewing machine is already in motion, you also need a little more sewing skills. Additionally, the author shares free patterns for the masks.

This is the second of the so called “talking tutorials” which we recommend to watch. Ania, known in the Internet as Made By Ruda, explains how to sew a protective mask with a beautiful pattern and tabs in a few moments. Here, however, neither machine nor sewing skills are needed.

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