7 original trends to make you stand out from the crowd this spring!

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Pastels or trendy neons? Here are some trends that will help you stand out from the crowd. For a look that is both elegant and eye-catching, check out these 7 trends that are sure to make you feel extravagant.

  1. Monochrome is always on trend!

Mixing black and white was a big trend in 2000/2001. This trend is back again! Pair a black top with a white bottom or vice versa and create monochromatic ensembles. The monochrome trend is also evident in accessories. Striking black and white bags or necklaces in black and white are very popular right now. They make you look smart and elegant.

  1. The mini skirt is back

Long-legged women and women who love high heels will love the return of the mini skirt. Such skirts perfectly emphasize legs and look great with heels or platforms. Among many models you will certainly be interested in pleated skirts or skirts with a very girly frill, referring to slightly infantile school uniforms. You can combine it with a sweater or short top

  1. Mesh again fashionable

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably remember double tops and blouses or skirts that combined opaque fabric with sewn-on mesh. It is very sexy. Fancy mesh sewn onto a top or blouse is sure to be an eye-catcher, especially if it’s made of shiny thread

  1. Fitted pants

Some associate them with a real fashion nightmare, for others they are still a current trend. In recent years they have been replaced by jeans and high-waisted corduroy pants. This year they are back in a big way. They appeared even at the shows of the biggest fashion houses. Fashion houses Versace, Balmain and Hermes presented very fashionable proposals of pencil skirts and hip suit pants, which look very elegant. You will feel fashionable and classy in these styles.

  1. Corset instead of a top

Corsets, worn instead of a top or shirt, were previously the domain of evening wear and gothic subcultures. However, many designers have shown that this part of clothing cut in the right way can replace the classic blouse. At the same time we can slenderize the waist and emphasize the bust. Velour, covered corsets, or slightly steampunk proposals made of leather, go perfectly with maxi skirts or fitted pants. Corsets with embroidery or appliqué are still fashionable. This will be a perfect proposition for an evening out.

  1. Sweatsuit set not only for a TV show marathon

The tracksuit went straight from the couch to the catwalks. More elegant, velour sweatshirt sets go well with big jewelry and classic coats. Their cut is not at all reminiscent of the pants with comfortable drawstrings that you probably wear around the house. Wide legs and buffet sleeves give them an elegant look. The embroidery and monochrome colors also make them more elegant, but still comfortable

  1. The tunic is back

If up to now you have only worn tunics with leggings, the new trends may surprise you. The catwalks have come up with proposals for combining wide-legged pants with tunics. It is also welcome with skirts of similar length. Layering is another trend that has returned recently. It masks the flaws of the figure wonderfully and gives some freedom to the styling. Tunics can be matched with different clothes, including coats or jackets. This season you do not have to worry that it will stick out from under your jacket.

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