Colorful plastic boxes are the new interior design hit
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Colorful plastic boxes are the new interior design hit

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Have you already noticed that Instagram has been flooded with pictures of pastel boxes in all sorts of arrangements? In interiors, as in fashion, a return to the 2000s has been reigning for some time now – pastel colors and accessories that we had plenty of in our bedrooms back in elementary school.

But this trend is much more. It is loved by Scandinavian influencers and all other girls who love the Scandi style. In recent seasons it no longer means ascetic, black and white, grey and cream solutions, but also colors! In this trend perfectly fit colorful plastic boxes, which are now very popular

Their offer includes, among others, Danish brands Hay and Ay Kasa. In Polish stores you can find their cheaper substitutes, for example in JYSK. The boxes come in different sizes and colors. They are not only a decoration of the interior, but above all a very practical addition. They are used for storage and have a lot of applications.

A combination of boxes in different colors stacked on top of each other looks great. Thanks to the fact that they are foldable, you can modify their shape, for example by opening one of their sides.

You can use them to decorate your desk or dressing table

They can also be used to organize cosmetics in the bathroom.

And if you stack them on top of each other, you can use them as chests of drawers or bedside tables.

They’re low, so they’ll fit on a shelf, on a closet, or under a bed.

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