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Terrazzo – design ideas with a trendy pattern

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This artificial stone has become an extremely popular element of floor decoration in many rooms today. What is the phenomenon of terrazzo?

Other names for terrazzo include artificial stone, or terazzo. It is a building material made of white cement and grit (hard stone), which is why it reminds many people of tombstones. However, it can be given a more original character and used in home interior design. You have no idea for an arrangement with this fashionable pattern? Get inspired by our.

Terrazzo in interiors. How to create original arrangements?

Pandemic reality has stirred up some interior trends. And so in recent times terrazzo building material has become very fashionable. It is a great idea to refresh the selected room. It can be used as a floor, bathroom floor, kitchen countertop, and even window sills. It depends on our vision and the style in which the apartment is arranged how we will fit the original terrazzo into it. We have 5 ideas for interesting arrangements that are worth using.

Terrazzo on the living room floor

Concrete flooring with decorative aggregate filling is back in fashion. If the terrazzo building material is properly sanded, slightly colored and polished with an interesting patterned surface, it becomes a remarkable and original interior design material. Remember, however, that if our floor will be patterned, it is worth that the walls are in a uniform color, as well as furniture.

Terrazzo on a kitchen countertop

The terrazzo material can also be used as a kitchen countertop. It will look quite interesting on the kitchen island. Remember that the stone from which terrazzo is made is resistant to scratches, so it will be perfect for kitchen space. Such a countertop will already be a decoration in itself, which is a big advantage of terrazzo composite material.

Terazzo as a windowsill? Why not!

Since terrazzo is made up of several components and is used in interior design as a decorative material, it can also be used as a window sill finish. This building material includes among others granite crumbs, colored glass or steel elements – so a windowsill made of this material will not only be strong, but also decorative and resistant to mechanical damage. In construction stores we can get many ready-made terrazzo patterns and colors

Terrazzo wall tiles in the bath room

Colorful terrazzo tiles are also a good idea for the design of the bathroom. Stoneware tiles with a mix of colors will give this room more life. We do not necessarily have to place them on every wall. They will look even more impressive, for example on the wall next to the bathtub or only by the sinks. In this case, as well as in the living room or kitchen, if we decide on terrazzo spots on a larger part of the surface, it is better to compose the remaining elements of interior design in subdued, uniform colors, so as not to obtain a kitschy effect.

Patterned terrazzo as wallpaper in the living room or bedroom

Wallpaper is not out of fashion. It is about matching them to the interior, adjusting their size, sometimes shape, etc. In furniture stores you will certainly find plenty of patterns for wallpapers à la terrazzo. An interesting source of inspiration for us can be at least Instagram. There on the industry pages are posted photos of interior design with terrazzo material in various forms. From a given style, in which we have arranged the interior will depend on the choice of color patterns on terrazzo, if we value minimalism, it is better to reach for those in subdued colors than very colorful.

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