Top 5 ways to decorate your walls! Go for unique design
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Top 5 ways to decorate your walls! Go for unique design

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Tiles, concrete, brick, wallpaper, wall mural, wallpaper in a frame, structure and wooden paneling – walls in your home do not have to be boring. We present the most interesting decorations that will change any interior – kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Tiles, concrete or brick – why not?

The walls painted only with paint are quite boring. It is worth introducing a bit of character and freshness to your interior. Many people decide to decorate their walls with tiles, concrete or bricks. Each of these decorations gives unlimited possibilities of arrangement and looks very impressive. Moreover, they also combine well with standard paint on other walls.

For example, wall tiles can be of various colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They will perfectly diversify even the simplest interior. Nothing stands in the way of placing them not only – as standard – in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen or corridor

One of the hottest trends is also decorative concrete on walls. It perfectly emphasizes modern, industrial and minimalistic interiors, introducing to them some severity, but also elegance. Concrete slabs can also be of different sizes. It is also worth to break them with a colorful decor.

Of course it is impossible not to mention very popular brick tiles, which perfectly match both modern and classical interiors, creating unique and cosy atmosphere. Their advantage is primarily that they are universal and timeless. The tiles can be made of plaster or concrete and they resemble real bricks. You can additionally hang a TV on them or frames with photos or paintings.

Photo wallpaper and stickers

A wall mural is very impressive and can easily fit into almost any interior – you just have to choose the right picture. Additionally its advantage over other wall decorations is the possibility of optical manipulation of the dimensions of a given room. A wall mural can enlarge the interior, give it depth – looking at it, a room will seem wider or higher than it really is. Most often on a wall mural are used images of plants, nature, architecture or just pure abstraction

We also recommend very fashionable, especially in children’s rooms or home offices, stickers. This is a very quick way to decorate the wall according to your own preferences. You can choose a ready-made pattern or design graphics on your own. Additionally, when you get bored with stickers you can simply peel them off and replace them without destroying the wall.

Wallpaper in a frame

A dozen or so years ago in many houses it was more common to see walls covered with wallpaper than only with paint. To this day, wallpaper is available on the market in thousands of patterns and colors, giving different visual effects. Some of them are very impressive, with an unusual pattern, which perfectly emphasizes the character of the interior.

However, you do not always have to cover the entire wall with wallpaper. A very original and effective decoration is to put wallpaper in a frame – on the pattern of a painting. In this way stylish and unique decorations are created, which can also be often changed, when you just want a different arrangement.

Structure – 3D effect

One of the most interesting decorative effects on the wall is also a decorative structure, which gives an extraordinary 3D effect. It can be used in many cases. You can choose from deep and expressive structures as well as more delicate, subtle ones in various colors. Any bulges, abrasions or shine give the interiors character. They can also be suitably illuminated to bring out their beauty.


At the end, we propose a lining, which is a decorative covering of the bottom part of walls – usually made of wood. In the past, its main task was to protect against dirt and mechanical damage. Nowadays, wall panelling is coming back into favor, making the interior gain a unique character. They compose beautifully with wallpaper, but also with paint. They can be used not only in classic interiors but also in modern ones.

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