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Hampton style – feel the coastal climate with class

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Who of us, especially now, with such a gloomy autumn weather, would not want to feel like in a luxury seaside resort. Many people dream of this not only in autumn, so they like to introduce into their homes Hampton style.

Bright, cozy, elegant and luxurious – such are the interiors in the edition of Hampton. The question is, how to introduce this style to your apartment?

Hampton – the main principles of the style

This style is the perfect combination of elegance and luxury with a neutral coastal color scheme. It is dominated by good quality wood, which occurs on the floor and ceiling (as decorative beams), as well as in the form of furniture and paneling. You can also find marble, brass, linen or wool in the interiors. These materials add sophisticated elegance to the interior, and also introduce warmth and coziness. What is more, the rooms are to be, above all, comfortable and conducive to relaxation, which is why large and soft sofas and quilted armchairs dominate. There are also nautical motifs, such as anchors, ropes, ships and the blue and white color scheme.

Colors and accessories in Hampton

Dominated by warm, bright colors, which become the perfect background for interesting decorative elements. It is worth betting on whites, soft sandy beige or blue. The real decoration of the interior, however, are high-quality furniture and materials, such as the aforementioned marble, brass, rattan or wicker. It is they, which give the room a class and elegance, as well as a bit of natural character.

Arranging an interior in the Hampton style, it is also worth betting on wallpaper in blue and white stripes, linen curtains or pillows in nautical patterns. These will add comfort and coziness, as well as introduce a coastal atmosphere.

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