5 rules to follow when choosing jewelry
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5 rules to follow when choosing jewelry

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Before choosing jewelry, you should pay attention to some useful tips and rules, thanks to which you will choose the right accessories for your outfit. This is very important, because wrong choice may result in you not looking as good as you would like to.

Match your jewelry to your closet

Some pieces of jewelry can go perfectly with any outfit you choose. Others, on the other hand, can only be worn with certain outfits and therefore have limited utility. The best solution is to have jewelry that goes with most styles. This way, you can easily match it with a particular look.

For example, strapless dresses do not need necklaces, while a shirt, sweater or dress with a round neckline and turtleneck requires a longer necklace, as shorter ones may be too “heavy”. Shirts and dresses with round necklines look good with necklaces that have pendants. You can complete the look with a chunky or cuff bracelet. Italian jewelry will be a hit here.

Matching your face

Jewelry is supposed to enhance your beauty. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces or rings, you need to know how to match them properly. The shape of your face is very important in determining the type of earrings you will wear. An oval face can potentially fit any type of them, but you need to follow the proportions. This means that smaller jewelry will be great if you have thin lips and a small nose, and if you have large eyes and fleshy lips, you can choose larger jewelry.

Every face has its own peculiarities, so if you have a long one, you can choose short petal earrings. If you have a round one, you can accentuate it with long, thin earrings and medium-long necklaces. With a face with more pronounced and square features, earrings with soft lines are well suited to compensate for the marked features by softening them.

Skin tone

The ideal way to look great when wearing jewelry is to get an outfit that matches or complements your skin tone. The pieces that can be worn with sleeveless tops must match or complement your skin tone. They are useful because you can wear them for any occasion

If you have a cold, light skin tone, you will look best in silver and white gold. In case you have a warm tone, go for yellow gold If your skin tone is more olive or neutral, you can look equally good in yellow gold, platinum or silver.

Size of the pieces

Jewelry comes in many sizes. Each is designed for a specific outfit or placement on the body. It is possible to select jewelry based on its size. Large necklaces, bracelets or earrings should be chosen carefully so that they do not “overwhelm” the style. On the other hand, you can have small subtle jewelry that will significantly emphasize the outfit. This may be earrings or bracelets

For example, if you have an outfit with a plunging neckline, a V-shaped necklace over the cutout will look great. A long pendant is a great choice with clothes with high and round necklines, and a rounded necklace will coordinate with rounded necklines.


Jewelry can be made from cheap or expensive materials. The former include stainless steel, plastic, bone, wood and glass. Expensive materials include gold, titanium, platinum, diamonds, rubies and other precious gems. Analyzing the material is very important because it will help you adjust the different options to fit your budget.

Main Photo: Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash

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