How to fashionably decorate the bathroom?
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How to fashionably decorate the bathroom?

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A fashionable bathroom can be the decoration of an apartment, while enjoying functionality and comfort. How to arrange a bathroom in accordance with current trends? Industrial style continues to be fashionable, also in the bathroom. Wood as a material and green as a color dominate the design, and eco fashion is also triumphing.

The latest trends in bathroom design

When it comes to bathrooms, the latest trends are similar to the general fashion in interior design. Hence the popularity of bottle greens and wood, industrial flair with raw materials and muted colors. The latest trends in bathroom design also include eco style, i.e. using recycled materials.

But is it worth to follow the fashion and decorate bathrooms according to it? After all, the latest trends may be considered kitsch, old-fashioned and uninteresting in a few years’ time. It is true that interior fashion is governed by its own laws, but it does not change as quickly as women’s fashion, that is every season – every now and then it only undergoes some modifications. Fortunately, some of the current trends are very classic and have a timeless character. This means that even when new ideas for space arrangement appear, wood or minimalistic industrial style will still remain elegant. And they won’t get boring so quickly.

We’ve chosen bathroom design trends for 2022 that are timeless and classy.

A timeless material: wood in the bathroom

To some, wood in the bathroom may seem like a bad idea, due to the humidity in the room. However, it’s not true that you can’t lay wood in your bathroom or use wooden furniture in your bathroom. You just need to choose the right species of wood and protect it well against moisture through impregnation. Specialists recommend pressure impregnation, which protects the wood to a depth of several centimeters and additionally the surface – by oiling, applying varnish or impregnate. When it comes to species it works best alder, robinia, maple, cherry, birch, walnut, Douglas fir, wenge and elm. They are distinguished by their resistance to water.

There are many ways to use wood in the bathroom. Furniture and decorations made of wood work well, especially raw, stylized wood. We recommend them especially for bathrooms with a nautical style.

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Wood will also suit bathrooms in industrial, ecological and boho style. You can opt for a wooden floor, or use wood as a wall element, ceiling element, or countertop under the sink. If you don’t want to use wood in large quantities, choose only wooden furniture or decorations such as a soap dish, toothbrush cup. And what to match with wooden elements in bathrooms? Marble goes well with wood, as does brick, concrete and glass.

Green in the bathroom – the color of nature

Greenery in the bathroom is very fashionable, because it fits the trend of naturalism. A bathroom full of greenery – whether it is thanks to live plants, trendy bathroom tiles in a shade of natural green or accessories such as olive or bottle green – is not only in vogue, but also looks elegant, neat, exudes warmth and seems optically larger. The bigger the bathroom, the larger and more spread out the plants you can put in it. Of course, it is best to put plants in a bathroom with a window so that they have access to natural light. Suitable for the bathroom are ivy, cibora, croton, orchid, dracaena, among others.

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Besides using green plants, it is worth introducing greenery in the shade of olive, bottle or celadon into the bathroom. This can be for example trendy tiles for the bathroom or decorations, ornaments, delicate accents. Green is a base color, neutral, considered to be timeless, so you can use green tiles in the bathroom on the entire floor or choose them for one wall, for example behind the mirror. All you have to do is choose the right shade and juxtapose it with other colors and materials. For example, with gold and marble, green looks perfect.

Industrial style for raw interior lovers

Industrial style has been very fashionable for several years now. No wonder, industrial interior is elegant, timeless and minimalistic. With small resources, using the right materials, you can achieve a perfect industrial interior, also in bathrooms. Industrial style assumes wide use of raw materials in bathrooms – concrete, wood, brick, metal, steel. For this, minimalist industrial style furniture with a simple form, light colors, made of metal or wood is used. As for colors, you need to bet on the universal triangle, that is, black, gray and white. Colors for the walls should be in a cold shade, while you can warm up the space with accessories in more warm, lively colors.

Wondering how to arrange a tiny bathroom in a fashionable style? It is a myth that the industrial style is only suitable for large spaces – it can also be used in small bathrooms. Marble and wood, metal and glass, brick and concrete skilfully used will give the space an industrial flair.

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Eco trends in bathroom design

Finally, we recommend for bathrooms new trends related to ecology and recycling. It is becoming more and more fashionable to use ecological items or recycled materials. Eco décor implies the use of durable materials that will serve many years, such as MDF, wood, stone, concrete. How to arrange a bathroom in an eco style? Trendy bathrooms in the eco style have also a design referring to nature, e.g. egg-shaped bathtubs, round washbasins, etc. The accessories are made of water hyacinth (e.g. baskets for small items). Bamboo decorative elements are also fashionable – for example, roller blinds. Colors in such a bathroom should be dominated by white, brown, beige, green.

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